Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fireworks in the USA?

Alarmingly, I now seem to be 65. That's makes me feel quite - well - old. Ish. Because, sadly, I am. However, so are lots of other people; and no doubt in five years (if I'm spared, as a friend tends to say) 65 will seem a lot better than the situation I find myself in then. So there we are. Isn't it ridiculous that we never really believe that we ourselves will get old, despite all the evidence that everyone does (if they're spared)?

I thought about my mother. It's not till you have children yourself that you realise how significant your birthday is to your mum as well. It would be nice to be able to hear her telling again the story of how I was very overdue and my dad went to play golf, and the message came that Mum had gone into labour, and he finished the round of golf before going to the hospital. Dad used to tell this story with a merry laugh, as an example of how relaxed he was about this whole childbirth thing. Then one day Mum told him that she felt like thumping him when he recounted this, because it wasn't exactly relaxing for her. So he shut up about this. (She wouldn't really have thumped him. She wasn't like that.)

Son came for lunch - he seems to be growing a beard - and so did the grandchildren and their parents, so that was nice.

After they all went away, we watched Wimbledon - James Ward getting beaten and Andy Murray winning. I also admired my new pieces of glass, seen on the left of the television. I really must stop acquiring glass. No more; I should be shedding things instead. But I do like it a lot.

I also got several nice books...

... and some lovely flowers.

Happy Fourth of July, America. I hope you had a good day, as I did.


  1. Belated happy birthday. I'm glad you had such a good day.

  2. I always shock myself when I have to say how old I am.
    Flowers are lovely. happy belated birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday ! Lovely flowers and a quilt book I see!
    I have reached that next milestone you mentioned and it does seem a large number....but I've been spared ,that's the main thing!
    ( I am soon to become a Grandparent for the very first time so that is very, very exciting! )

  4. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day .... you're not getting old until start saying "this will see me out" when you buy something new and "I can't see myself doing too many more winters".

  5. Belated happy birthday. My gran used to say 'if I'm spared'.

    I already find myself saying 'this will see me out'. I'd probably say it if I ever bought any more make up, for example.

  6. Happy Birthday, a bit late! We did have a lovely 4th of July here in northeast Ohio but I am sure you had more fun celebrating your birthday.......Yes, I would like to be 65 again instead of 70.But I would not like to live through the last five years again! I'm looking forward to better things ahead.

  7. Happy Birthday Pam. I started to find myself calculating how long it would take a tree or shrub to grow to a decent size, when I turned 60 and this was never a consideration before. Also - how old I will inevitably have to be when granddaughter is various key ages.

  8. Happy birthday for yesterday! I have to say, I've been tempted lately to start a collection of old Ladybird books. It just appeals to me. And yet I've thought, hang on, is it worth it? Won't I be wanting to get rid of things at some point? (And I'm only 53!)

  9. Belated birthday greetings......glad you had a good time.

  10. Beautiful Glass. And books. And flowers! I'm sorry I didn't make it over here for your birthday, but I definitely was thinking about you -- as my blog will attest! ;-D I hope you had a wonderful day. Love the picture of son and granddaughter -- and reading the sentence about son's beard -- I was tempted to interpret it as the guests were all growing beards! ;-P

  11. I , too, am mildly surprised that you're old enough to have grandchildren with beards , I must say !
    Happy (belated) birthday and many more of them !

  12. Oh my dear, I am so late in wishing you Birthday Happiness, you have some lovely gifts and the glass, well I have envy.

    65 is nothing, in a few weeks I shall be a bit older than that...