Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sightseeing with Frogdancer

This is very exciting: Frogdancer of Dancing with Frogs (I've been told how to do the proper linky thing but can never remember) came and stayed with us from Wednesday evening till this morning, ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA. Well, admittedly she didn't come over solely to visit us. But she did come. Here she is at Edinburgh Castle. It's not a good view either of the Castle or of her but I suddenly realised that not only was the sun shining but she had her sunspecs on, and I wanted to record this for posterity. I have to admit that the sun didn't shine all day. We've been having very changeable weather with lots of brief showers.

We went down the Royal Mile from the Castle (earliest bit 11-something) to the Abbey and Palace (earliest bits 11-something and 16-something). On the way we visited Gladstone's Land (14-something) and John Knox's House (16-something). Fortunately my visitor likes history. Here she is listening hard to the audio guide. I shall send her a quiz on it next week.

Another day we went to The Georgian House and the Botanics. Here she is, reclining elegantly on a Botanic bench.

Look, the sunglasses are on again as she smells a sweet pea.

She points out... not really sure, but you have to admire her pointiness. I couldn't actually get her to remove the jumper/sweater, despite Edinburgh's best sun.

Later we went to dinner at South Queensferry. Note how, in case of evening chill, she was carrying a poncho to go with her jumper.

This is the view from the restaurant window. She hadn't heard of the Forth Bridge. She has now. I believe that Australia has at least one famous bridge, but is it pink? Well then.

Having done London and many of the picturesque places in England before she came up here, she's now off to do some more of these before heading off on an amazing tour of the Continent: Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Lucerne and all sorts of other places. Check out her blog if you want to be exhausted at the very thought of it... but I'm sure she'll have a ball. Thanks for your visit, Froggy!


  1. Meeting up with online acquaintances is fun......we have done so too! I wouldn't be removing my jumper either, you know.

  2. Wonderful! That amount of historicalness would blow the Australian mind ... and I also think it looks like jumper / poncho weather.

  3. Oh My Gosh! You are the Edinburgh hostess to the Blogiverse! Looks like you had a wonderful time -- I hope she didn't wear you out!!! ;-D

  4. Oh, I am so jealous - you got to meet Frogdancer!! (I do believe it was through her blog that I stumbled on yours)

  5. I really must make plans to get to the Eastern side of Scotland! I think I would have a shawl to carry too.

  6. I love meeting blog friends face to face; it's very interesting!