Friday, November 20, 2015


I am exhausted. Part of the reason is that I have a cold and sore throat, but the main reasons are above and below. Why is it so tiring looking after small children who amuse themselves much of the time with unflagging play? It's hard to say, except that I suppose the bits of the day when I don't take photos are when they're constantly talking, asking questions or asking me to do things. Or, particularly in Granddaughter's case, asking to be read to. I like reading to them but - as I remember well from my own children's childhoods - it can be soporific. It must be something to do with using up more oxygen than usual. I'm sure there's some medical explanation.

But they are such fun.

Many of the toys they're playing with here are left over from our own children.

I should probably have given the toys away years ago,

but it's good to see them being played with again.

Grandson: I've got a hundred and four cuddles in my tummy.
Me: Ooh, can I have one?
Grandson: Yes, I'll give you and Grandpa a cuddle each and then I'll have a hundred and two left. I've got a cuddle for everyone I know. [Pause.] I might have to give some people more than one because I don't think I know a hundred and two people. [Another pause.] And I'll give lots to Nanny for her cuddle store.

(Nanny, his Daddy's mother, lives in Worcester and needs to store up cuddles in between visits.  )



  1. Such wonderful grandchildren, but I understand the tired part. Yesterday I had a doctor's appt and flue shot in the morning, went to my oldest daughter's home to babysit my now 5 year old grandson. Stayed until 4:45 when I drove to the place where my 6 and 8 year old granddaughters are taking gymnastics and took them home with me for dinner and until their father could come back from his parent teacher conferences. I was so tired! Today was quieter, but I went to 5yr grandson's preschool in the morning to attend a "feast" to celebrate Thanksgiving which is next week. They made stone soup, without a stone! And had made butter by shaking cream in a mason jar. We had that with muffins the teacher brought. After they played outside and I sat and marveled at all the energy! (It was not in me!) But they are all the joy of my life, my four grandchildren!

  2. I love the way he thinks about the cuddles!! I am exhausted watching my nephew and niece for just a few hours. I'm not used to the constant vigilance.

  3. That is pretty adorable and his maths is excellent. How I understand your tiredness after a long and not very happy babysit last night. But she is also beginning to play imaginatively which is a help during the daytime minding. I wish I'd kept the Fischer Price garage. Colds and sore throats are very debilitating so I hope this one passes quickly and you feel less tired soon.

  4. Clever chap. We've had granddaughter much more than usual and she's had a rotten cold so we're both shattered - she has to be collected very early. Another week to go then it goes back to normal once a week. She's delightful but it puts everything on hold and one hardly feels like getting the hoover out or sorting the washing at the crack of dawn or when she goes home in the evening. Still, we've plenty of clean clothes and it's only dust. I fear my throat is ominously sore though. Hope you soon feel better.

  5. I know that I couldn't do what you do, I am not child-minded enough. I like to see yours though.

  6. Awwww, that little N just melts the heart. Ask him if he could please save a cuddle for me. ;-D The children are so busy and I love that they're playing with their mother's toys. It makes me happy to see that I'm not the only one who has saved all those things. And that they'll be used once again!

  7. He is such a thoughtful little chap! I love the idea that he knows Nanny has to save up cuddles for the lean times!