Saturday, November 14, 2015


Children are a great distraction from the sad news and one's own sad feelings. Granddaughter, for example, had great fun with Playdoh (goodness me, how I disapprove of that spelling).

We also enjoyed our walk in the park. She insisted on wearing her sunhat, though it didn't really go with her outfit of warm tights and winter jacket. She's a hat person, like her mother and my mother - you wouldn't think there would be a gene for hat-wearing, but there appears to be. It kept blowing off in the brisk wind, but at least her appearance, and my frequent gallops to retrieve the headgear, made for some amusement among the dog walkers.

We've seen a lot of the children this week. Here, Grandson has made use of the wooden railway for some purpose which I now forget, but it wasn't railway-related.

And here he uses my measuring cups to investigate how many half-cups go into a whole one, and so on. Or that was the idea. I think he mainly enjoyed getting wet.

So no, nothing much has happened, and for that I'm grateful. What wickedness there is in the world.


  1. So good to have something sweet and innocent in a world that is so full of evil. Your grandchildren are beautiful.

  2. Such a sad state of the world. I'm glad to see these happy childhood photos. My mom always says, when I ask her how they're doing, "Nothing new, and I'm glad of that." It seems like when stuff happens, it tends to be bad.

  3. The children are so sweet and so fortunate to have such a loving family.
    And yes, what wickedness there is. I cannot begin to understand it.

  4. Life is always better in the company of children. Blessings.

  5. We have to cling to our beliefs and our families, as best we can right now. Off in the morning to seem my three youngest. Ten days!

  6. Ghastly stuff happening, I agree.
    I think a suitable Winter hat should be made or purchased - not just any hat; something really quirky and embellished or multi coloured might be good.
    Love to you All.
    PS You would be welcome any time - I meant to add that to your comment.

  7. They're so sweet! I always marvel at how busy little ones are -- never a dull moment. And I laugh at the thoughts of you chasing the little hat in the breeze -- it sounds like you had fun LOL!

  8. I love these sweet photos! :)