Friday, March 25, 2016

House and garden

All of our children are currently in England, which is fine (though I'd rather have them here, preferably in bed and ready to be tucked in). Daughter 1 is visiting her in-laws with her husband and the children; Daughter 2 lives in London (well, no, that bit isn't fine) and Son and Daughter-in-Law are on holiday. So we've been free of responsibilities, which is quite pleasant, if a bit ho-hum-what-is-the-point-of-us?

Today the point has been tidying the garden. I've done the front and the little side bit and got started on the back, though there's still quite a lot to do. But spring is definitely springing and there's lots of lovely colour and I can still hope that maybe this year the snails and slugs won't be so bad.

Then tonight I pinned the quilt top (which is upside down in this picture) to the batting and backing, which was surprisingly hard on the garden-weary knees since I had to do it on the floor. So instead of trimming the extra bits and starting the quilting I watched a bit of television: "Ugly House to Beautiful House". It's relaxing watching other people working and interesting to see what difference a good architect (and quite a lot of money) can make to a not-very-nice house.

Happy Easter!


  1. Sounds like we should watch that programme for inspiration!

  2. If that is your yard, it is idyllic! I too have been working on my yard and flower beds. There is much more to do, but the bit of sun and blue sky we had today inspired me to wear myself out doing lawns and weeds. I will be sore tomorrow!

  3. I didn't like reading that ho-hum bit Pam...made me sad. Your garden however looks smashing and how talented you are with the quilt!

  4. I'm enjoying that programme too so long as it is recorded and I can whizz through the lengthy ads and repetitive re introductions. The budget is always bust so I don't know why they bother mentioning it! The point of us question occurs to me too, especially as they are all going to be on foreign shores for so long.Will have to have a reappraisal so as not to descend into apathy. (It's the virus talking. I'll buck up soon.)

  5. Your new header is delicious and your garden looks very good. I can't comment on the quilt since I know nothing about them. I am certain that most of your children will be restored to you soon.

  6. I love your Easter china and pretty flowers!! I'm also jealous f your tidy garden; when am I going to have to time to get out there??

    Hope the offspring return soon so that normal parental and grand-parental duties may resume! Lxx