Friday, March 18, 2016


(Well, it's exciting (or what passes for exciting in this uneventful life) to see what size Blogger decides that my photos should be today.) We went to the museum. Granddaughter, who likes to dress up, decided to wear a witch's hat (and carry a rubber scimitar, not shown). It's somewhat large for her but, in the cause of her art, she doesn't mind not being able to see. Walking along the road from the bus was somewhat hazardous, however.

She decided that her brother should wear this, rather too small, hat. He doesn't care.

The witch surveys her museum, scimitar in hand.

In one of the discovery rooms, there's this large artificial tree to crawl through.

Though this can become temporarily exhausting.

Her brother briefly tried being exhausted too. But he's not really the exhausted type.

Then we came home and he chalked road layouts in the garden, while she became a cat.


  1. I love these photos! Her face is so full of joy in that last picture. :)

  2. They have such fun with you. Lucky children!

  3. I really like her style.

  4. They are making wonderful memories with your assistance. What a happy childhood. Patty Mc

  5. The joy of dressing up to your own ideas, bliss!

  6. Hi Pam, just a quick comment to let you know I dropped in to catch up on your good self :-) Love all the posts and photos of what I consider is a perfectly lovely example of retirement - enjoying life at your own pace is so good! You are both very fortunate to still enjoy your good health, keep it up!

  7. I LOVE that first picture -- I was wondering which little was under the hat. I'll bet you had lots of fun smiles at the museum -- what a fun day!