Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Ah, lovely summer.

It's been warm and sunny

and the garden is blooming.

I've been tidying it up, post-spring-bulbs,

and planting some tender plants,

none of which is pictured here.

All of these ones can survive the winter perfectly well.

We've been in this house (and garden) for twenty-seven years. Some plants have got out of hand, and require firm attention with a spade.

I'm not so fond of destructive gardening.

I prefer to fiddle around with flowers

or do some gentle weeding.

But I must dig some of the thugs out.

I love irises.

And this humble heuchera gives lots of colour.

It's just as well that winter comes along eventually; gardening takes a lot of time, even in our little plot. But I do love my little bit of paradise.


  1. Your little bit of heaven on earth looks truly splendid.

  2. You have some beautiful plants. Enjoy the summer days!

  3. Beautiful. Twenty-seven years is a long time. We've been in our house for 13 years and that's the longest we've ever lived in one house.

  4. You have beautiful plants. I, too, am very fond of Irises.

  5. What beauty grows in your garden!

  6. Those are gorgeous flowers! I don't know what most of them are!