Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May...

It has been horrible weather for the last couple of days: grey, drizzly and cold.  The sort of thing that might be acceptable for March, but not for nearly June. So today was a great improvement and the grandchildren's other granny, Nanny, invited us to the Beach House for lunch.

When I say the weather was better, you shouldn't imagine that it was warm. It was warmer; apart from on the beach, where there was a sharp wind pushing the waves up into white horses. You can see that no one chose to sit outside. Like everyone else, we opted for the warmth of inside,

and just looked out

at the sun shining on the sand in a deceptively inviting manner.

Then we went to the playpark. You can see that the children were dressed in woolly jumpers, leggings, long trousers.

I've enlarged this photo so that you can just see, in the top left-hand corner, some children playing in the waves.  We breed them hardy in Scotland.

But still, it gave us hope that summer might be on the way.


  1. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" That line has been playing on a continuous loop in my head for the last few days, so when I saw it's fellow on here I got a very eerie feeling --- are you hacking into my brain, Isabelle?

    Lovely photos, lovely g'children (especially the pink sunhat one!)and time at the beach is always grand whatever the weather.

  2. Good for you Little L. If you have a pretty sun hat and it's too windy outside, wear it inside.
    Perhaps the whole world is getting sh.... weather...we are and it is holding up harvest so ,so much.

  3. On our way to St Andrew's today - currently in a very sunny Carlisle. Will remember to keep extra layers to hand in the car when I park. Looking forward to Scotland whatever the weather.

  4. Always enjoy the beach in any weather. How big your grandchildren are getting.

  5. I love the way kids have the ability to completely disregard the weather and have a good time no matter what. We're having the same weather here in NY that you describe, and I'm taking a leaf out of the kids' book... having a marvelous day! Hope you are too!

  6. My god that is tough! That water does not look inviting at all ... but I love the beach when it's windy and cold. Bracing :)

  7. It is horribly cold and wet here as well, my heating is on...

  8. Good grief, I would never have known; it looks beautiful there! So, when I come, bring warm clothes and lots of layers? :)