Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ways to spend time

It's amazing how busy retirement can be; not that I'm complaining. The garden is blooming - including the weeds. I like weeding. It's a meditative occupation. I wish plants would just grow to the right size and then stop, though. Instead, they pause for a year or two and then, just as you're congratulating yourself on your mastery of your little bit of heaven, they make a sudden bid to take over the whole garden. And I don't like digging things up. It's hard work and seems a bit mean.

I had a peaceful coffee at Portobello beach the other day. Sometimes the weather is like this.

I drew a circle and Granddaughter-the-Elder made it into a face, including the pupils. She's growing up.

We took the children to Silverknowes beach. As you can see, it was a typical Scottish summer's day... . Actually, it was mild and they soon took off more clothes.

Children have such fun with sand, rock pools, spades and imagination.

And today we went to visit Son and the beautiful UnBloggable Baby. She's growing up too!

But we won't see her again for a bit, alas.


  1. What gorgeous grandchildren you have! I've meant to comment the last few posts of Granddaughter No 1 that she is looking like a "girl", not a "littlie" now, and although Big Braver is certainly bigger, they're closer to play-mates now. We have exciting news - as GP you will understand that I"m bursting with the news - our gorgeous Only-child's-firstborn-son is about to have a little companion! He will be nearly three (2y9m) by the time Number 2 arrives, so that's a decent gap - similar to those two I suspect. Anyway, we're excited, and we're lucky enough to live within a mile of them, so we get plenty of quality time with them. It's certainly not seaside weather, but well wrapped up, the zoo s a great adventure when you're only two.

  2. Being retired can be very busy, but also so happy, especially when one has delightful grandchildren to enjoy and a beautiful ever changing world to explore.

  3. I am delighted to see these pictures since I am intending to visit some time fairly soon. (if not this year, next) I love the beach; it is such a peaceful place for me!

    1. Your babies are all growing so big Pam! It seems like your first was just born and now he and his sister are no longer even roly-poly little toddlers -- they're proper adorable children! The unbloggable baby is getting so big too -- where does the time go?