Wednesday, January 10, 2018


It's been a busy but lovely time in the last week or so. On Friday, Son-in-Law 1 and I took the Edinburgh grandchildren to the museum. Here you see them admiring some train (I think) traffic signals. Look at how long-legged Grandson is getting. I thought back on the first time I took him there - below. Now he's six and a half.

Then, hooray hooray, later that day, Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter arrived for a five-day visit. Littlest Granddaughter is so lovely (totally unbiased opinion). She's now looking round a lot and smiling, which is so nice.

I do love babies: their soft skin and round eyes and bouncy faces. She's very wakeful during the day (mostly) but does sleep at night, so Daughter 2 is finding motherhood very fulfilling and much less hard work than architecture. I found that myself: one tiny person to look after instead of 100+ potentially stroppy teenagers who needed to have their writing marked. Babies are extremely hard work - I'm not denying that - but their needs aren't complicated and they're very cuddly.

However, alas, they went home this afternoon and I'm missing them a lot.

Son, Daughter-In-Law and Middle Granddaughter came to stay at the weekend and the Edinburgh family were here too, so that was exceedingly good. Middle Granddaughter was very dubious last time about her parents paying attention to Littlest  Granddaughter, but this time she was absolutely fine. They even had a bath together, with Son washing his niece, and Middle Granddaughter didn't object at all: in fact, she "helped" to bath the baby.

We warned Grandson that Middle Granddaughter (17 months) would probably play with (ie rearrange) his elaborate rail layout (which is always constructed on the sitting room floor) and he was very good about this. However, when Son and DIL had packed to go home on the Sunday - but Middle Granddaughter was still picking up bits of the railway - Grandson said to DIL, "Did you say you were leaving?"

She laughed and said, "Would you like her to stop playing with your railway?"

He hesitated, clearly wondering how truthful to be. Then he said cautiously, "Yes." Pause. "But she's very cute."

Tactful. Ish.


  1. You do have delightful grandchildren, glad you were able to see them all. Love your grandson's comment. Is he hoping to some day have a boy cousin?

  2. He has one now! He has two cousins on his dad's side, including a baby boy. He was quite pleased, even though the baby is only six weeks old, so not that great as a playmate just yet.

  3. Oh my gosh -- what fun you must've had with all the grandchildren together. Watching them interact must be one of life's greatest joys! So fun to see small granddaughter too -- she's not a teeny newborn anymore! How long will DD2 be off of work?

  4. Oh, you are so very lucky!

  5. Wonderful to have all that family time! I think Grandson was extremely tactful, yet honest.

  6. Lovely update. Thanks.

  7. You have wonderful grandchildren! So glad you were all together so much.

  8. No time being frittered away here. This is a real celebration of family life. Thank goodness none of them lives abroad. (Unless you count England!)