Thursday, January 25, 2018


On Tuesday we went up north to visit Son. We had lunch out with him and Middle Granddaughter. As you can see, she's getting bigger.

It was wet on the way up and VERY wet on the way down, but we were able to go to a park during a dry spell. Middle Granddaughter enjoyed splashing in the puddles.

She also enjoyed feeding the ducks. She does this quite often and isn't at all frightened when they crowd round her. They even allowed her to stroke them.

The ducks are very tame - here they are eating out of Son's hand. They're also quite plump, not surprisingly.

The sun came out for a while. It was so nice to be with Son and Granddaughter.

 Today I went over to sit with Biggest Granddaughter, who isn't very well and is off nursery. She perked up after a while. We read lots of stories and then she did some drawing

She tried out a French plait but didn't really approve, so we reinstated her bunches,

which she seems to feel are an essential part of her image.

Granddaughters are the best. Well, along with grandsons. And offspring in general.


  1. Well I love her plait! And she has such beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!

  2. They grow so quickly it seems like no time at all that oldest granddaughter was an infant, now she's a very outgoing lady.

  3. Biggest granddaughter with a French Plait looks so grown up from the back I was very confused. And Middle Granddaughter is on her feet. I still imagined her at the crawling stage or thereabouts.

  4. I am with Lucille. Time is getting away from me! Those duck photos are incredible. :)

  5. I am with Lucille too.

  6. Such cute pictures! And like Molly, my first thought was what beautiful, shiny hair Biggest granddaughter has. Have you thought what will happen to their names if you get another granddaughter LOL? Will you have to use "next-to"? Haha. Love the duck photos!