Friday, June 01, 2018

And that was May

I'm sure it's fairly boring to anyone else when I rabbit on about the grandchildren, but this blog has become a record of our lives, or at least a partial record, so here I go again. The main news is chicken pox related: after Grandson and Biggest Granddaughter got it, fairly inevitably the two smaller granddaughters got it too. Big sigh. They're really not often all together, so it was such bad timing that the two bigger ones were invisibly infectious at the time of Mr Life's birthday. 

So they've all been spotty and a bit miserable. Get the vaccination, would be my advice to anyone whose children haven't yet caught the disease. It's available here but not as a standard thing that all children are given by the state. We were just thinking about it for the older two. Too late.

Anyway, the other day, Grandson incorporated into his wooden train layout this tunnel (or is it an engine shed?) that Mr L's cousin made, and then he decided that he needed a second one, so he made that, with help from his dad. Grandson took the above photo, complete with thumb.

Here he is painting his creation.

And here it is, incorporated into the layout.

Granddaughter is not particularly into trains, though she does play with them a bit, to join in with her brother: she's a practical sort. She prefers books, though, so she and I took a trip to the library and she tried out the reading nook.

She also likes flowers. I hope that the gardening gene, which seems to run mainly down the female side of our family (though our son gardens too) has passed down to her too. It's such a joy.


  1. Having no grandkids of my own I always enjoy reading about yours.

  2. I am the same as Mac n'Janet; I have none of my own(yet) so I love reading about yours. A shame about the vaccine--no one gets chickenpox over here anymore. I remember being miserable with it; I got it at the age of 12 (old) and it was awful. Hope the grands are handling it OK.

  3. I hope calamine lotion has been banned. I'm sure it made the itching worse as it dried. I still have scars. My older relatives were worried about getting shingles from children with chickenpox. Is that just an old wives' tale?

  4. I like hearing about the grandkids too!! You are my retirement role model ... I love the thought of walks and museums and grandkids (not holding my breath for that one) and being busy with proper stuff, not stupid work stuff. My first son had chicken pox one Christmas - so miserable, my main memory is of him getting out of the pool and vomiting up a fruit mince pie - so the second one was absolutely vaccinated. Not pleasant!

  5. I love reading about your grandchildren. Not to wish time away, but I wish it was possible to know what career your grandson ends up in. Will it involve roads/trains/signals? I wonder!
    I've had shingles, twice. The first time was from chicken pox, and I was so ill I will never go near a person with chicken pox again. The second time I seemed to bring it out through stress - I was told that this can happen in some people, and I will never be totally free of the risk of it again.
    I hope all of your adult family escaped it.

  6. Poor grandchildren with chicken pox! It is miserable. Two of my children had it but my oldest daughter seemed to have a natural immunity. Once you've had chicken pox you can get shingles (much worse than chicken pox) as an adult, so I've had the vaccination for that, too. I hope your dear oldest granddaughter does follow you in her love of gardening, and books too. She will have a happy life!