Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Being Ganny

This week, Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter are staying with us while actor Son-in-Law is in Canada. It's SO lovely!

Yesterday the four of us went up to visit Son and his family. The Unbloggable Toddler, Middle Granddaughter, now 22 months, is beginning to recognise us and call us by our names: Ganny, Gappa, Yoi and Asta. Well, an approximation of our names, which is good enough for us. She's a lovely child. We live just the wrong distance apart: quite a long car journey, but near enough that we can go for the day and thus see her only for a few hours every few weeks. We'll never know her as well as the others, but I hope we'll build a relationship in time.

We had a very nice day, anyway. We went to the park. 

Littlest Granddaughter enjoyed it too.

Today we spent the day with Daughter 1 and family - the children were at nursery or school, but we saw them afterwards. So that was nice.

Life would be more restful without them all, but oh, so much less interesting.


  1. All those adorable grandchildren -- you're so lucky! It looks like you had a wonderful time too!

  2. All our grandchildren are such joys! My youngest is now seven years old and I don't think I will have any more. How glad I am that they live very near me and I see them so often. But they grow up too quickly! (Although they are dear at every age.)

  3. You are one lucky Ganny!

  4. Who needs rest? We'll eventually get enough of that at the cemetery, as my mom is fond of saying. Your family is beautiful. I'm hoping for grandchildren soon. :)

  5. A beautiful new Header and the baby is gorgeous too!

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