Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Just another day

I'm still slowly sorting through my mother's things and came across this photo of me aged about 5. Most unusually that day I was playing with a little girl from up the street - she was slightly older and we didn't often play together. We were in her garden and her father, who was a press photographer, came out and took pictures of us. In those days (1955) we didn't have many clothes - it was still post-war austerity. So when we went out to play, we tended to wear things that didn't matter - in this case, a brown, hand-knitted jumper of rather rough wool that was slightly too small for me and had one broken button, and that blouse, which was striped - I think it was yellow and white. And I think my bow was yellow to match. It's funny how I remember these things, while I have difficulty remembering what I wore yesterday. The photographer gave my parents a print of this photo, and my mum - who was a smart person - was sorry that I'd been dressed in those rather scruffy clothes, with my hair uncombed. And now that I look at it, I do look rather urchin-like.

I always hated those bows. I thought I looked silly. I was a very shy child.

Today we went to Stockbridge to give things to a charity shop. On the way, the mist suddenly came down.

This is Stewart's Melville School, which looks very ethereal here, though the traffic lights rather spoil the effect. 

Then we walked through the Dean Village for a bit

and along the river.

These high buildings high up at the back are part of the New Town. Edinburgh is a hilly city.

And we walked back into Stockbridge and came home.

I've just calculated that my latest quilt, which I'm just cutting out, has 1280 corners to match, plus stars to add on, plus borders (which I'm considering making strippy). This is madness. But fun.


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  2. I adore the look of those buildings, since ours here are too modern for my taste! I took a quick look at the photo, and thought it was your granddaughter at first.

  3. Your granddaughter looks like you at 5, how cute

  4. You don't look like an urchin! You look like a child with lots of personality, even if you felt a bit shy. I've always regretted that I didn't walk in Dean Village when I was in Edinburgh in 2010. But my knees were very in need of replacement! One of my favorite authors, D.E. Stevenson, was born in the New Town in 1892. I did struggle around there for a bit.

  5. I think it's a lovely picture, nothing scruffy about it! We all wore hand knit cardigans and jumpers made by the loving hands of mums , grannies and aunties. I think they are were much nicer than so much of what is sold as childrens' clothing these days - making them into little rock stars before they take the training wheels off their bikes. And I'm still jealous of your access to so many beautiful places to walk!

  6. I like your photograph - you look very happy.

  7. You're so funny! It is madness, isn't it? And I'm so glad you're hooked -- I can't wait to see what you're working on.

    And I certainly don't see an urchin in that picture -- I see a darling little girl. Your bow comment was funny too -- if you think those look silly, what must you think of the bows on bald babies heads? Now THOSE are silly LOL!

    I'm hatching a plan. It has the numbers 2021 in it. ;-D <== that's a big grin haha.

  8. I had a whole drawer dedicated to my hair ribbons. I rather liked mine but they slipped off my hair pretty quickly. It was my mother's great regret that we didn't have curly hair.
    I rather like the traffic lights punctuating that picture.