Friday, November 29, 2019

Salvador Dali lives again

Last Sunday, Big Grandson (8) drew this - for him - unusual picture. Most of his drawings at the moment are of buses or trains. But this surreal offering is of the trophies won, in some parallel universe, by his bed-cuddle polar bear, whose name is for some reason spelt Poalee. Poalee seems to have won an amazing selection of trophies, starting long before Grandson himself was born. The explanation of the dates is that Poalee predates Grandson by some years. The explanation of the trophies is more obscure, particularly the one for wine dricking. The others are for running, high jump, long jump, ice skating, snowman making, stair climing, fish gobbling, question answering, veggie diet and pizza eating. A rare combination of accomplishments, you'll agree.

The weather earlier in the week was like this - somewhat dreich, as we say in Scotland.

I was sorry for the tourists, but on the other hand,

Scotland isn't renowned for excellent weather in November and I can't think why anyone would choose to come now. However, the last couple of days have been sunny and beautiful.

We gave the Edinburgh grandchildren some Christmas jumpers today. Mr Life couldn't resist buying Grandson's, which features buses and tube trains.

I'm off down to London tomorrow to get some cuddles from Littlest Granddaughter and her mum. Which will be very nice.


  1. Love the jumpers and the buses and trains for grandson are perfect! Well done, Mr.L! What gifted and creative people your grandchildren are, and his polar bear is indeed accomplished and talented. :) I bet you're excited to visit Daughter 2 and her daughter. I'm hoping that my grandchild won't be a 5 1/2 hour flight away. But I'm also hoping for jobs for Ashley and Ryan, wherever!

  2. Scotland at any time of year is 100X better than anywhere else on earth...

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  4. Love those polar bear trophies! Your grandson is so imaginative! And what fun Christmas jumpers, especially the one with trains, etc.