Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Edinburgh Castle

I thought I would post a picture of Edinburgh, for anyone who reads this and doesn't know the city at all. This is Edinburgh Castle, which is in the middle of the city on an ancient volcanic rock. The photographer must be standing in the main shopping street, Princes Street, which has buildings on only one side, and between Princes Street and the Castle are Princes Street Gardens. These form quite a big park with trees and flowers - yes, that's right, just like most parks, I suppose. But it's all rather scenic. The weather, I would be forced to admit, isn't always quite this sunny.

All our children are away. This has hardly ever happened before, and certainly not for more than a day or two at a time. Daughter 1 and her husband are on Arran; Daughter 2 is still in Sheffield and her aspiring-actor boyfriend, now home from America, is with her for a few days; Son and his girlfriend left for Austria this morning. So it's just my husband and I till D1 and SIL return on Saturday, D2 on Monday and Son a week tomorrow. The house is alarmingly quiet.



  1. Isn't it lovely though? No one to feed, clean up after...you can walk around naked! I've not been alone overnight in our house for years.

    Castles are so romantic aren't they? My BIL and future SIL are getting married in Markree Castle in Sligo, Ireland in September. We're staying overnight one night at the castle, which will be so neat.

  2. Goodness me, it would take more than being alone for me to walk around naked. I think the shock of seeing myself unexpectedly in a mirror would be too much for me! What fun to stay in the castle, though.

  3. Lovely picture of the castle, went to the Tattoo there many years ago. It was amazing. You do get yused to the house being empty - then they come back......