Friday, June 09, 2006

Will this work?

Blogger hasn't been working - at least for me - so this is an experiment to see if this post appears. It's also a picture of an iris in my back garden. I love irises and this is an interesting colour.


  1. Hello Isabelle your Irises are stunning what a lovely colour.

    We had a wonderful patch of these last spring and a local artist came and asked could she sit in my garden and paint them she loved being there under the pear trees for a few days.

    A month after that she knocked on the door with some gift cards to say thanks and the front of the cards was my very own Irises purple on some cards and white on the others I was thrilled.She had had the painting printed and made into gift cards.

    Your photos and your garden is stunning.

    say hello! to Scotland for me......I have family in Glasgow (motherwell) cheers from Australia.