Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The holiday went very well, thank you Els. It was quite energetic – all that tennis and badminton (once a day each), though I wouldn’t want you to get the idea that we’re a sporty family. Quite the reverse – we’re all very bad at these games – but we have fun hurling ourselves around, swiping madly and laughing hysterically. Also we walked quite a lot and danced (at the Hydro) some evenings and so on.

It was great being with the whole family (except my poor boy – see two blogs ago) and it was especially nice for my 84-year-old, but still slim and glamorous, mum to have all the kids around (except my son). My brother and sister-in-law were there too, with my niece (22) and nephew (17), and all the young ones get on very well, as if they were all siblings.

The only fly in the ointment was my dad. (Gosh, I hope none of my kids ever think of me with that particular metaphor.) He’s always been choleric and unreasonable – not all the time, but enough for him to be very hard to live with - and now that he’s 86, very deaf, hardly able to walk and beginning to be slightly slow on the uptake, he hasn’t had a personality change. Sweet old man? – I don’t think so.

However, to be more cheerful – but without wishing to brag – what do you think of the photo of my agapanthus? You can’t see its full glory in the picture – each flower head is the size of a football - though a much prettier colour. The plant is just outside my kitchen window and I admire it as I do the washing up. Lovely!


  1. The holiday sounds fab! I'm desperate for a game of 'badders' with my mum. I'm fitter than her but she's got some game on her.

    Love the flowers! I wish I had a garden so I'll just get my fix here!

    lainey x

  2. Isabelle,
    "A family Holiday" and that has a nice sound to it I love it when the different generations go on holiday together. You all sound like you had a wonderful time.

    Your agapanthus are just great mine at the moment are frost attacked!! and I should have deheaded them months ago but I like the way the black seeds just drop and then oops! up comes another one!
    Do you have a white one? and the snails at my place enjoy the quiet of this thick green home in summer lol lol :o)

    I will see you again very soon.

  3. Oh dear...hope I haven't lost a friend here. We pulled out every single agapanthus plant in our garden when we had the back yard re-landscaped. Well, we had heaps of them and they tend to take over!

  4. Good grief!!!!! I nurture mine as if it were a close relative!!!! It's all very well for you with your constant sunshine (or at least, that's the way it looks on "Neighbours", which is of course my chief source of information on the Australian way of life}.

    Pulled them out!!! Excuse me while I just go and faint in a corner.

  5. I love family holidays. In 2001 all of my husband's family traveled to DC together for a wedding and it was so fun. When we go to Ireland in September all of my dh's sibs (4) and families will be there, as will be his parents. Luckily they don't drive me too batty.

    Beautiful flowers!! I sadly neglect even my hanging plants. With two kids and a full-time job they're lucky to be watered a couple of times a week.

    Oh, and yes, my name truly is Susan :-)