Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ho hum

There are few people more gloomy than a teacher in the last week of her holidays. It’s bad enough when you’re a pupil, but at least (as I remember it anyway) you have the excitement of seeing all your friends again, of getting new jotters (I always liked stationery), of hoping that you’d get one of the decent teachers this year. But for the teachers… there’s just the prospect of lots of marking.

Actually, it’s not that bad. I do know that I’ll quite enjoy it once it starts. I like the teaching, most of the time. I like almost all the students. They’re almost universally sweet. It’s just that I like not teaching even better. And I hate all the bureaucracy and meddling from above. Also, some of my colleagues can be very difficult.

Why can I not lose weight? I’m ashamed even to mention it, but I’m not losing. I’m not gaining either: I lost a paltry amount about a year ago (10 pounds or something) and then stuck. I keep reading other people’s blogs and being inspired and then I forget the inspiration and absentmindedly put things in my mouth. Not six packets of crisps or anything, but the odd biscuit and the occasional bit of ice cream on my strawberries, and there’s no point in telling myself that I don’t eat vast amounts of calories, because the point is that I eat too many to lose weight. This is so obvious. And this blog is not keeping me accountable because I don’t write about it. AAARRRGGGHHH. Part of the trouble is my age: I hate being overweight but I don’t hate it quite as much as I did when I was young because… well, I suppose because my function is to do things for other people now, not to be attractive.

Oh dear, I don't really mean that anyone's actual FUNCTION is to be attractive. And I'd rather not make small children squeal and run away at the sight of me, even now. But I have no aspirations to be alluring. Unlike the lady of my age who claimed in a comment on “Half of Me” that she was "hot", I feel this would be a bit delusional. Certainly for me. I’d just like not to be wobbly and silly-looking.

Ah well, I’m off to garden. That should burn off a few of my Bite Size Shreddies and skimmed milk. Maybe today will be the day that I’m firmer with myself.


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  2. Hello! I saw your comment on Pear Tree Cottage and the fact that you are so far away, in a part of the world I just love, made me jump on over!
    I totally understand the weight thing! I have been on a plan using 5 low calorie shakes and 1 meal a day for a while - I lost 30 pounds right off, then have just hovered right there for a good 10 months!! I still need to lose more, at least 10-15, but either my body is saying no, or I am sabotaging myself by splurging too much too often! I have a good grip on it this week though, so maybe a pound or 2 by the end of the week!!

    Good luck - maybe with school beginning you can get in a good excercise/eating routine and reach your goal!

  3. How was the holiday away? I've been wondering what it would be like to have a proper holiday away at a lodge somewhere. And I hope going back to school isn't too traumatic for you. I remember being a student and noticing that some of my teachers were less excited about being back than I was ;)

  4. It's always a bit sad when a holiday ends.

    I'm convinced it's an age thing why so many of us can get the weight loss kicking off like we could when we were younger. Not fair!!

  5. LOL Isabelle, you are such a hoot!! If ever I get to England I'd love to meet up with you; I reckon we would have a few laughs! On a more serious note, I wouldn't like to be in your shoes (in the UK) right now, with those awful terrorist threats. But as one of the guys on FoxNews cable said - "the British police are the best in the world when it comes to protecting their citizens. We are learning a lot from them". High praise indeed from the self-proclaimed Most Powerful Nation! Take care over there. We are thinking of you and crossing fingers that the police can weed out all those ratbags. Ken said they should all be lined up and SHOT. Never mind a bloody trial..