Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been so busy! Lots and lots of marking, because I’ve been giving my classes lots and lots of writing to do. Very foolish of me. Must stop doing this.
As well as working full-time, I teach an evening class on a Tuesday and sing in a choir on a Wednesday. And visiting my dad in hospital rather deals with the rest of the evenings and weekends.

Dad's broken hip is mending but he has cancer which has now spread to his bones, his lungs and his liver. He doesn’t seem to be in particular pain, but he’s not really able to walk and is very fed up and predicting his imminent demise – with, it has to be admitted, some justification. So it’s all very sad. Remind me not to get any older.

On Saturday mornings, I usually take my mum out for a little expedition, but last week this didn’t happen. Instead my husband and I escaped to the Botanic Gardens for a walk. It was bliss: lots of autumn colours and a mild day with sweet, fresh air. I could feel tension draining out of the soles of my feet.


  1. Autumn days can certainly be beautiful. I love the crispness of the air. You have full days right now, don't you? *hugs*

  2. The walk was just what you needed to recharge your light!
    It is very hard, when parents are on the decline.
    Love your pics, as usual.

  3. Oh - I'm so sorry about your dad. Part of our brain knows it eventually will come, but the rest of us is just never ready. I hope his time is pain free.

  4. Your post made me homesick---I used to love Autumn when I was growing up.The pic of the reddish gold leaves---beautiful. When my Dad was dying, he was in Ireland and I was living in California. It's never easy, but it's nicer when you live close by. Good luck...

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