Friday, November 03, 2006

Maybe I should stick to gardening

One of the things that students have to do for Higher English is to write a reflective essay.

"Try to write an arresting first sentence in your essay," I said. "Catch my attention from the beginning."

First essay in the pile; first sentence:

"I don't know whether the first time I tried cocaine or the night I lost my virginity was the bigger anti-climax."

Yes, well, maybe I need to word my lessons more carefully.

This is a contoneaster, by the way.


  1. Wow! That's an attention getting opener for sure!Gardening is probably easier on the nerves.Things have certainly changed since I was writing essays in school. In answer to your question, I left because I married someone who lived in the U.S. Leaving home was the worst part of that whole process. Youth is rash and doesn't think about the consequences. Was delighted to see your comment. Your garden is lovely....

  2. Yeah well, as Molly said - it certainly caught your attention. I don't know how you cope with teenagers these days - they seem to think drugs are harmless. God help the human race in a few years time when all those kids now on drugs are in the workforce and managing banks, industry, etc.

  3. Oh my gosh - I am laughing so hard at your student's essay! Although it probably wasn't meant as a comedy, huh?