Monday, June 01, 2009


It's been good weather for cats.


Our boy, who was home for a few days, went away again on Saturday morning.

We miss him.

Later I took Daughter 1 and my mum to the gardening show at Ingliston.

Pretty orchids.

And alstroemeria. And lots of other flowers and plants, which I restrained myself from buying.

On Sunday morning it was hot again. This was the main road when I went out to buy a newspaper.

We drove through the Meadows (a park) to get to church.

Our church is near the beach.

The Edinburgh Marathon route went along the promenade yesterday, though the runners had passed by the time we came out of church. It was, the papers said, 22 degrees Celsius - 71.6 Fahrenheit - which is hotter than I imagine one would chose for running such a distance. Or any distance at all, in my case. Scotland doesn't get much warmer than this, thank goodness.
In the afternoon, Daughters 1 and 2 and our son-in-law went to the beach at Gullane and swam in the sea. The sea here is always extremely cold, especially when one's body is warm from the sun. Rather them than me. But they had a lovely time with friends.
Today: the heatwave continues. 66 papers marked. 154 to go. Back to the kitchen table I go, to get on.


  1. You can do it....keep it up....insert inspirational phrase'll miss them when they're gone, erm, no, probably not!!

    Lesley x

  2. Yes, June is a lovely month... except for the marking. I feel you pain and send good marking wishes your way! ☺

  3. Lovely weather, beautiful flowers. And those gorgeous cats! Here we have just started winter (hurrah) and we are still getting temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius. Everything is relative, hey!
    I hope the marking goes well - all sounds very productive. Do your students use adverbs? They are threatened with extinction here.

  4. That sky looks as hot as ours, these days. But it isn't - good for you.

    Lovely cat.

  5. It's 17C here this morning, (but heading for 20) and raining.
    I have 280 assessments to mark. Have not even started.
    So I think on balance you may be a bit better off than me today!

    but i did swim in the sea this morning. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing in your books.

    I would love to be in Edinburgh in the summer!

  6. Looks nice and warm, and the beach looks very inviting! The flowers are pretty, what a nice way to spend time with your daughter and mum.

  7. Sounds lovely. Happy days!

  8. Lovely photographs - Edinburgh is really quite pretty in the sun! And yes, given that I was manning the finish line at the marathon, I can confirm that it was WAY hotter than the runners would have liked!

  9. Hey -- you're making good progress! Is 72 Fahrenheit too hot for you? We consider that to be the absolutely perfect temperature. 68 is a bit too cool...76 too hot. It looks like you had a perfect weekend weather-wise! So happy you could have a visit from DS!

  10. That's a ridiculous amount of marking. You should have a wage rise of twenty thousand pounds, effective immediately.

    And people make those snarky remarks about teachers' holidays .... grrrrr! (as the offspring of two teachers, I know the behind-the-scenes story!)

    Oh and BLINK! Yes I'm still around. Reading blogs but not commenting much, and nothing particular to say for myself. I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually. Thanks for your hello :-)

  11. 80 would be my idea of the perfect temp and swimming is best when it's over 90. :-) But a marathon... def in the 50s. I hope the marking is coming along well and that favorite son will be back for a visit soon.

  12. Well from the other end of the earth, we had snow for the first time at our farm. Would much rather be where you are living right now!

  13. I am sure you will enjoy your Scottish summer much more than we did our Australian summer this year. I don't want to live through that again. We (the MOTH and I)have entered into Winter with coughs and colds but no signs of swine flu (although it is all around us here in Victoria for some reason).
    Your flower photos are lovely, and I like the sound of your church near the beach. And through the Park. Peaceful, the way churches should be. Not on main roads with never-ending traffic noise and pollution. Ah well, that's progress, or so they say.
    Have you found any amusing bits in the papers you've marked, that you will post on here?

  14. Lovely photos, lovely looking day - thank you for sharing with us. I think that your cats have the right idea!
    My husband was a teacher (years 8-12, science & maths) in a former life. I sympathise with you marking papers; think he only disliked writing reports more.

  15. Never gets much hotter than 22 degrees, I find that so hard to imagine. I think most Australians would think 22 was perfectly reasonable for a run.