Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A visit to the boy

On Sunday we took my mum to visit our son, who's a junior doctor in Dumfries, in south-west Scotland. He and his junior doctor girlfriend have been living for the past year at Rockcliffe, where her parents have a house. After lunch, we went for a walk along the shore.

It was a warm day but a bit hazy.

Here we are: Mr Life, Son with my mum and in front of them, Son's girlfriend, Daughter 2's actor boyfriend and Daughter 2. You'll notice I'm quite happy to post pictures of people's bottoms as long as mine isn't included.

This is the sea front; quite the prettiest one I've ever seen.

This is the view to the left.

More bottoms.

I would like this house. Do you think if I wish hard enough, some good fairy will give it to me?

This is that house's view.

Along a bit, we sat on a bench while Daughter 2 and her actor boyfriend went for a paddle. The tide was far out.

Then Son and his girlfriend followed.

On our way back the sun came out, which improves any photo.

Back in the garden, we noticed swallows* building a nest in the apex of the roof. That blurry thing with a forked tail just above...................here............... is one of the swallows. My camera isn't really up to action shots.

Daughter 2 and Son were having a chat and posed for a photo.

"How about one without the discarded socks?" suggested Son. Ok then.

I wandered off round the garden to take photos of the view.

And again. As usual, I wondered why I live in a city.

Sigh. Yearn.

"Let's have a rolling race down the hill," suggested Son to his sister. He's never one to lie around for long.

So they did, giggling hysterically.

And raced back up again. Son went sideways by mistake because he was dizzy.

Later, we had dinner at Kippford, on the other side of the bay.

And then we got in the car and drove the two-and-a-half hours home again.
In August they move to Glasgow to work in hospitals there. When will I ever get used to him not being with us any more?
* My brother says he thinks they're house martins, not swallows. I could look this up on Google but it's TOO HOT!


  1. What a wonderful day. I haven't rolled down a hill for years......hmmmm!

  2. What lovely photos I feel I have been home in Scotland Again I love reading your blog .
    Hugs Mary.

  3. beautiful scenery, enjoy reading your blog, enjoy reading about your life and family

  4. I.Want.To.Be.There!

    I'd also like that house. Do you think there'd be room for both of us? I'd help you in the garden.....

    Lovely photos of your children lying [and rolling!]among the daisies.

    And I'm wondering-sigh-why I live in what feels at the moment, like the inner circle of hell!

  5. May I please come and stay with you when you live in that house? i promise not to photograph your bottom.
    It looks very lovely there.

    have just in fact had a horrid experience witnessing my own rear view in a change room and I'm still trying to calm myself down...

  6. Your son & daughter are just gorgeous! They look like they had fun being a couple of big kids for the day. Loved seeing the photos, Scotland just does something for me.

  7. What a lovely story - it's so nice to see children who have grown up but still enjoy being children and enjoy each other's company so much. Now do you think we might manage to meet up for a coffee in October? I'd so hoped to catch up with Lainey but she's in Brazil all the time we're in Scotland. But we might manage to round up Shauna. Zxx

  8. I thought it looked beautiful! Your children seem to get along so well! :) It looked like a time full of smiles! :)
    And, I would love to live in such a beautiful home! I will share nicely with you and Molly? :))

  9. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Only those with the poorest of social graces would post a photo of their own bottom. Oh wait, I've done that while walking along the Champs Elysee...

    Looks like a fabulous day.

  10. Lovely post, lovely house, lovely views, lovely children.Yes, why do you live in a city? (M & S, John Lewis, buses after 6 pm, theatres, galleries, cinemas......)

  11. It looks like you had a perfect weekend Isabelle. The views are just beautiful! At least Glasgow will be a bit closer, won't it?

  12. Email duly saved and comment deleted. Think we might be alright with the dates - we're in Scotland from 28th Sept till 8 October. Will be in touch again closer to the time. And I'm not at all glam - just good with a 'paint brush'!!!

  13. Wonderful pics of a wonderful day out. How beautiful it all looks.

  14. A beautiful spot & a lovely day. A Scottish ex-pat here in Canberra told me that folk on your side of Scotland (sorry, get confused with east & west in Nth Hem) were desperate for sunshine much of the time - do you think that is so? You do seem to have some glorious weather and it's a beautiful part of the world. Love the downhill race too - I expect your family have their moments but they do look thoroughly enjoyable & interesting people.

  15. Goodness, Meghs, I'm not aware of being desperate for sunshine! I live on the east coast, though; the west coast (which is where my son currently is) gets more rain so maybe desperation sets in there, though I've never heard of it. At the moment I'm quite keen for cooler weather; it's quite hot here at the moment (in our terms).

  16. Oh, lovely! I particularly admire the stonework. We don't see much of that around here.

  17. My boys do rolling down the hill, but their variation involves hugging each other tight and rolling down as a sort of boy swiss roll. It's very violent to watch but they seem to like it. And I love that part of the world too - our walls are covered with paintings by Sturgeon, a local artist - lots of views of Rockcliffe and Kippford.