Sunday, September 06, 2009

What did you do at the weekend?

On Monday mornings colleagues often ask what one did at the weekend.

Saturday morning – woke at my mother’s house, took her a cup of tea, set out to collect Daughter 1, Son-in-Law and their three guinea pigs plus assorted paraphernalia: Daughter 1 and her husband were going on holiday and the guinea pigs were to stay with us. Arrived at their house and waited while obsessive-compulsive SIL did his checks; then came back here so that he could to his satisfaction install the piggies ( who had more luggage than their owners) in our sitting room. (Not our only sitting room.) The cats sat outside the patio doors gazing through the glass with fascination.

Then Mr Life took Daughter 1 and SIL to the station and I brought my mum down here for coffee and a chat. She hadn’t been out since her funny turn on Monday. I took her home again and went for my library book and to put petrol in the car. When I got home, Daughter 2 met me at the door. “Come and see what we’ve found,” she said, and led me into the kitchen, where Son sat, on a surprise visit home. (He can do this now that he’s only in Glasgow rather than the distant town in the south-west.)

So that was lovely. We had lunch and then Daughter 2 had to go up town, Mr Life had to cut the hedge and Son and I went for a walk. When we returned, we tidied up the hedge-clippings and Son went up to collect my mum to bring her down for an evening meal.

Look - a conjoined twin strawberry and Daughter 2.
After that I took Mum home again – for her first night alone since her funny turn – and I organised Sunday lunch for the next day.

In the morning, we went to church and then had Mum back for lunch. Later, Son and Mr Life went on a boys’ outing to research sound systems while Daughter 2 and I went for a walk.

Daughter 2 has been making a banner on and off all weekend, also in the sitting room – more of this another time – and later went out to dinner with friends to watch the end-of-the-Festival fireworks from their window. Son went for a run and then he and Mr Life watched “ER” with the cats.

In the evening, Mr Life took Son to the station to get the train back to Glasgow and I am currently in the middle of speed-reading two books on the history of our church to write a summary of them for the church website. I can hear the thunder of fireworks in town a couple of miles away.

I had been thinking, by the way, that the comments on my blog had been getting a bit sparse. The solution: write a pathetic post, currying sympathy. Thank you so much for your good wishes to my mum. She seems more or less recovered, but still rather anxious about what happened and a bit wobbly. Tooth – hmm, not sure. Difficult students – didn’t appear. (Yes!)

And then it’s Monday again, back on the work treadmill.

What did you do at the weekend?


  1. I'm having a laugh at your comment to me! My really close friend often teases me - telling me that I really do like being looked after. Can't deny it - can afford it while I'm still working but it will all have to stop in retirement. Had an email from Shauna - we're thinking an evening meeting since you two unfortunates probably have to work!!Tentatively either the Tuesday 29 Sept or Thursday 1 Oct. Are either of those evenings any good for you?

  2. Holiday here, I get another day.

  3. Not a lot! Just life, you know... and yes, comments are sparse, but then it is the end of summer and I suspect they will pick up in the winter, even though the traffic through the blog seems to be the same, people don't have the time to comment. There have been a good few posts about this around recently.
    How on earth are you going to keep The Cats and the piggies apart?

  4. I am glad that your mother is better, and how nice to have all these family visits. It must be wonderful to have them so close. I am too far away from mine! Are you setting up a menagerie?

  5. Had a lovely weekend with a mixture of chores completed. Also had Father's day here in NZ so our daughters and grandsons came up to visit.

    Exciting I see you are going to meet Zanna:-) I enjoyed meeting up with her when she visited NZ last year.

  6. I had a very busy weekend with my old friend visiting from Oz and preparing to leave again; she was very overwhelmed by all the goodbyes and it rubbed off on me.

    My thoughts are with you regarding your mother; at that age, and our mums knowing only too well that they aren't immortal, it shakes you up when anything goes wrong, no matter how innocuous it proves to be.

    We soldier on....

  7. Is there anything better than visits from adult children who have left home? Well, maybe grandchildren once you have them...

  8. Guess you've read about my weekend, as you have left a sympathetic comment - thank you!
    Are you serious about the sparse comments on your blog? 27 comments is hardly SPARSE. Try seven for size. But I'm not complaining, as my seven were all sympathetic, for which I am grateful.

  9. I moved to Cambridge :)

    Also am glad Daughter No 1 is OK. She hasnt' updated for ages and ages and I was wondering how she was. I miss her!

  10. My comments have gotten sparse to you, Dear Isabelle, as have my own posts! Too much time chasing daughters at sporting events, I imagine! :)
    I am glad to hear: the students who cause troubles didn't appear, your mother is on the mend, son can come visit on a surprise occasion, Daughter 2 is healthy and looking wonderful and Daughter 1 and son in law could get some time away-hopefully they'll enjoy it! :)
    Also, hope the cats aren't too fascinated with the guinea pigs!! :))

  11. Friday night pub. Only had 2 small glasses of red wine but banging headache all day Saturday.

    Saturday wedding in North Yorkshire - brilliant.

    Sunday wee small hours - finishing off the wedding and turning the lights out after everyone else.

    Sunday home, chores and pub again!

    Thanks for asking!

    Lesley x

  12. We've had a long w.e. here---Labor Day----the official end of summer, but nobody's told the weathermen, so it's still hot and humid! Sewed, gardened and barbequed, in a nutshell!
    Looking forward to cat/guinea pig postings in the coming week!

  13. I spent my whole weekend including friday night dealing with my family, thanks to a certain daughter turning 16 and a fathers day.
    Unlike yours, our gatherings seem always to be fraught with drama, so they exhaust me.

    I did see my younger brother though, and that was very nice, and we did not even argue ONCE.

    Say hi to Miss Shauna for me if you are going to catch up!

  14. Ahh, it sounds like the catlets had a little sleepover -- did they get along with their furry friends? It sounds like you had a lovely weekend -- so happy that Son could stop by -- I knew it would be a good thing when he moved closer to home! And VERY happy that Mum is better -- that was scary.

    We had a very wonderful long weekend -- our SweetiePie came for a visit and kept us entertained!

  15. This all sounds very pleasant. I'm so glad to hear that your mother is a bit better. The headache/stroke episode sounded like quite a scare.

  16. When I first started reading this, I wondered if 'guinea pigs' was your way of describing grandchildren, because of the reference to 'paraphanalia'! Kids need such a lot! But I soon realised my mistake, as your weekend would have been very different with nippers around!
    Sorry for my mistake...

  17. Discovered water heater outside was leaking. Positioned bucket and reminded other half to ring plumber on monday.

    Half a tree in our garden came down over neighours fence in the storm. Husband got the chainsaw out and cleared it up, I got bonfire going to burn it all.

    Bought some whisky for medicinal relaxation that evening.

    Walked hound.

  18. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Well, right now I think I'm going to take a nap. I work up at 4am and we have a wedding reception to attend tonight. Hmmm..this morning we attempted family pictures since Tim's brother is visiting from England, then we have the wedding. Tomorrow I'm going on a restored homes tour with my dad and Rhiannon. That's my weekend in a nutshell!

  19. I'm so glad to hear that your mum is OK. No wonder she is feeling anxious. That was quite a scare. I hope things will settle down now and that she'll continue to feel better. I'm sure she appreciates having you all so close and looking out for her...and all those lovely visits and meals with you all.
    How lovely to have your son close enough now so that he can pop in for surprise visits :)
    Oh yes, I'm sure the cats will find the guinea pigs very interesting :)
    I haven't put "petrol" in my car since I was last in Australia :)
    My weekend (last w/e): Saturday morning - Community Choir practice for our October 4th concert. Good old fashioned southern gospel music. Not really my favourite, but it's a mostly fun concert, and a few of the songs are lovely.
    Afternoon spent working in the garden.
    Sunday morning - church.
    Afternoon spent working in the garden..again.
    Monday..Labor - worked in the garden. Bliss! The weather has been perfect for gardening, until yesterday, when it rained. But we actually needed it.
    This weekend..the same, but I spent the afternoon inside fixing hubby's computer, with the help of our computer guru friend, Pete...via e-mail and instant messages. He's such a patient man.
    Not much of a nutshell, but that's it :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!No dusting, no cleaning, no worries, just flowers, cats and fresh air ;)
    Happy Autumn to you too.

  20. What a very full post! I was afraid you were going to tell us the guinea pigs had multiplied! How lovely to have your son visit.

  21. Your weekend sounded so hectic that you probably want to go back to work for a