Saturday, December 26, 2009


We're looking after Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law's guinea pigs while they're down south with his family. The lad worries about the welfare of these furry friends, so at Daughter 1's request, we took some Christmas Day photos of them and emailed them to him. I didn't look very carefully at the images on My Pictures as I attached them, which is why the above photo was the first one I attached. I did briefly wonder, as it vanished from view on to the attachment, why this guinea pig looked a bit as if it was on a plate. Ooops. No, SIL, we didn't douse your precious pets in brandy and then...

They probably deserve to star in their own blog post, so here are Brownie and Cupcake (well, if you will give them edible names...) enjoying their Christmas dinner.

And let me introduce you to Pumpkin, aka Ginger Pig.

Chomp chomp. Cupcake is more often known by her nickname, White Pig.
They are cute and amiable creatures with nice big, friendly faces.

Daughter 1 and SIL have recently instituted a new form of bedding for them, which is, instead of the usual wood shavings, a fleece with newspaper underneath it. Just an ordinary fleece blanket. This wicks the pee through to the newspaper and stays more or less dry itself. It's a very good system, as far as I can see, and makes much less mess in Daughter 1's (former) bedroom, where their run has to live to avoid contact with our cats. You can then remove the droppings by simply shaking the fleece out over your flowerbeds where, I imagine, they fertilise the earth. (You have to remove the guinea pigs from the fleece before you do this.) Then you wash the fleece in the washing machine.
Anyway, we had a good, if more peaceful than usual, Christmas Day. Son listened attentively to my mother and aunt's stories. He's a good lad. He's with us till tomorrow. The girls and SIL return on Monday.
Hope you all had a happy one too. Both my mother and my aunt left their presents in our house by mistake, but we'll see them both soon anyway. I got lots of books. Very good.
Off to have lunch, a walk and then a read. Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Cute little guys, indeed. Very clever about the fleece. Especially removing them before shaking it out...

    I've tasted that British pudding once, a surgeon brought it back from Tescos - apologizing that it was just the ordinary kind. I thought it wonderful.

  2. Oh my gosh! You're so funny. I'm sure SIL is very pleased to know that his babies didn't go up in flames. Interesting fleece concept -- it's like diapers for guinea pigs!

  3. I admit to some concern when I saw the first photo, but then you clarified it.

    An enjoyable post. My best to all of you.

  4. Such a delicious read, as are all your posts. I let out a little ha! over the first pic... and had an idea what was coming. :-) Then enjoyed a nice catch up with your recent Christmas-sy doings. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful new year.

  5. I was amused at that first picture, I thought for a brief second you had made pig-pudding....

    I had a guinea pig once as a child but a visiting corgi ate it.

  6. nasty animals, corgis

  7. I am glad you had a good Christmas, notwithstanding the absences. The guinea pigs look sweet, but give me a cat any day. I like an animal that does not need a fleece....

  8. I must have funny shaped pudding basins - my puds come out with flat tops. Doesn't affect the taste, though! Yum...

  9. Brownie does actually resemble that pudding so I'm glad you didn't flambe him.

  10. I did like your description of the guinea pigs' faces! And relieved that they hadn't been turned into a new sort of pudding... Although...although...well, they are edible, aren't they...

    Best wishes to you for the forthcoming year!

  11. As you have no doubt learnt over the course of our friendship, I am rather a pushover for pets or any animals. For some reason I have never found this love to extend to Caveys -Guinea pigs, nor to Rats. I commend you hopspitable feelings & admire you stoic entertainment of the guests!!
    I have never been a fan of the Xmas Pud... I loath cuatard, Brandy or otherwise & somehow the stodge of it all never appealed...
    However, I did grin at the idea of lighting a pig... ONLY joking!!