Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nearly Monday yet again

I do not see why I should have to be a person. It would be so much more restful to be a cat. It's 10.20 on Sunday night and this is the first chance I've had to sit down to write a whole lot of reports. Which I don't awfully want to do. Moan. Sulk. I would much rather do something else, for example lie in the bath reading the very interesting biography of Samuel Johnson which is on my bedside table.

Mutter mutter. Why can't I be one of the idle rich?

Still, I've started my Christmas shopping. Just. Now don't tell me if you're one of those people who have all theirs wrapped because I've got my fingers in my ears. Lalalalala - can't hear you.

Better get on. Reports don't write themselves.


  1. Yes, your cats certainly give every appearance of leading a life greatly to be envied! Whereas we poor workers, of whatever ilk, must toil on. I myself just got urged to put out the washing, a mere ten minutes after it finished. Wasting sunlight, it seems, notwithstanding that there is plenty to spare, and it is 27 degrees C outside. (He jested I think!)
    I hope it all gets done nice and quickly, leaving you free to indulge in many pleasurable pursuits.

  2. Anonymous3:29 am

    Well, by now it is MOnday am there.. but here in the states it is 10:27 pm and I am in the same boat. A stack of math papers to grade and exams to mark for an IB course. Blech. But I did spend most of the weekend with my children decorating our home... so there is that.

    Only 10 days of teaching left in this year for me though.. whoohoo. COunting down the minutes. And somewhere in there, hoping to shop.

  3. I'm with you Isabelle -- oh to be those lazing around cats -- what a life they lead. Where did the weekend go? I didn't do any decorating or shopping -- just playing around (well, ok, I did help MeMum do a bit of decorating today.) Hope your week goes well -- it must be time soon for your school break?

  4. I have bought two gifts. That's it. I had better get busy.

    I always said that if I had a cat, I would call it Riley because cats definitely live the life of Riley. They have it all figured out, don't they? :-)

  5. I say that all the time about our dogs - they are living the life of Riley while I slave away over my marking. Why, oh why?

    Mind you, I very much appreciate being able to do my 'business' inside during these cold winter months, so maybe that balances it out... a bit...?

    I, too, mourn the end of the weekend every Sunday night.

  6. Anonymous7:49 am

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  7. Well, yes, you're right, Anon - are you my brother or do you just have the same writing style? - but this just proves my point: I was tired, frazzled, in a hurry and not able to educate myself by reading my interesting library book. I want to be a cat. Is this clear? (Though it's quite a heavy book to hold up with paws.)

  8. Your cats do indeed look relaxed. I'll have to check the biography you mentioned. Always on the lookout for a good read.


  9. Your brother is fully nonymous, so it must be someone else.

  10. Your cats ALWAYS look so beautiful!