Friday, January 15, 2010


At the supermarket today I passed a mother with a shopping list and a small boy of maybe about seven or eight.

"You know how I used to be a baddie?" said the boy.

His mother looked briefly startled and then returned to concentrating on her list. "Mmm."

"Well, I'm a goodie now."

"That's nice. Now... bread ..."

"So can I have chocolate?"

(And you thought virtue was its own reward.)

Which somehow made me remember the lovely Polish young man at our local shop where I buy a morning paper. He's always cheerful even though he's been sorting newspapers and unloading bread since six o'clock in the morning and this clearly puts his customers in a good mood - people leave the shop smiling. When he started, about two years ago, he had very little English, but now he talks fluently with a fine Scottish/Polish accent.

Before Christmas, I saw him putting out a box of Cadbury's Creme (Easter) eggs.

"So it's Easter, is it?" I enquired pompously.

He beamed his lovely smile, waved a hand dramatically over the box and without missing a beat said, "Chrrrrreeeeestmas eggs!"


  1. Those Easter eggs should have been hatching by Christmas.
    Hot cross buns are already in the shops here, and it is only mid-January.

  2. Hahaha. Sounds like a great guy with a sense of humor. Will he be putting out Easter stockings this spring?

  3. Yup, chocolate mini eggs are in our shops now.

    I can't remember tha last time I had some, it is supposed to be good for you isn't it? Is is just the dark choc. though?

  4. You had better look forward to the Valentines Day pumpkins.

    I really must listen to more casual conversations as I potter along - the ones you hear sound hilarious!

    Lesley x

  5. The Chinese comment from your previous post has gone!! Did you translate it first, or just get cold feet?

  6. If Cadbury's Creme Eggs only appeared at Easter, what would their egglaying, chocolate hens do for the rest of the year?!!

  7. Next time you see him, give him a kiss from me.

  8. Chocolate is it's own reward.

  9. Polish people - I LOVE them at the moment! Give him a hug from me next time you see him. And the Creme Eggs shouldn't have surprised you since I pointed out our local shop has been selling Easter Kit Kats since before Christmas!