Thursday, January 07, 2010


I had my class of computer boys this morning. C had a big plaster [ie Band Aid] on the outside of his forearm. I glanced at it and raised my eyebrows.

He grinned sheepishly. "I got stabbed on New Year's Eve. I stopped him stabbing me in the chest, though."

"Stabbed! Who stabbed you?"

"Just some random guy."


"Oh, I probably said something cheeky."

"Did you go to hospital and get it stitched?"

"No. It was New Year's Eve. I was partying."

"Did you go the next day?"

"No, I got lifted [ie arrested] and they didn't let me out till the 2nd. And then I went to hospital. But it was too late to stitch it. They put a bandage on it, though."

"You got lifted? What did you do?"

He shrugged. "To be honest with you, I cannie remember. I was too drunk. I was quite pleased, though. It was the first time I got lifted for a year. I used to get lifted every couple of weeks."

And this is a nice laddie. A big, daft laddie, smiling and good-natured. When he's not drunk.

So many of our students think that getting drunk is a good night out. Young folk who you'd think were pleasant, sensible kids - who are pleasant, sensible kids, really. Most of the time.


  1. I know exactly where you're coming from on this. The kids I work with just don't seem to understand when enough is enough, in all areas really. Some of them are barely teenagers but partying every weekend, and their parents do know about it...

  2. With two pre-teenage sons, this sort of thing scares the bejasus out of me. I think I'll lock them in the cupboard under the stairs for a decade or two.

  3. It happens here too, and it is appalling that they carry weapons such as knives. There have been a a lot of 'glassing' attacks, using beer glasses to attack the face, and awful injuries are inflicted. I don't understand how it has come about that such behaviour is considered normal and justifiable.

  4. Like that the world over......I wonder sometimes. Some of the teachers I work with think that is a good night out too! what hope is there if that is the case?

  5. It's nuts isn't it?? I, like most of my mates at Uni, used to have great nights, drink too much etc etc but never went out with the intention of getting blind drunk; was limited by the need to get yourself home in reasonable safety; and sobered up if anything dodgy appeared on the horizon. What changed??

    I see people in Rotherham who sole intention is to get lashed and they don't seem to ask themselves whether they've actually enjoyed themselves more as a result....doesn't even enter the equation!

    Weird. I hope your laddie cops on soon.

    Lesley x

  6. Do you think it's their generation? We have it a lot here too. I don't seem to remember it as much with our generation, although I'm sure it was there. At least you can see the good in him Isabelle. So often they get labeled, and no matter what bits of good are there, they aren't seen -- you're one of the good ones!

  7. According to the Bean, you can't buy a beer on campus before 6 p.m. Not because of the students, but to keep lecturers from turning up drunk at their lectures!

  8. Today's newspaper has an article on the increase in stabbing crimes, and says that many are never reported. It postulates that stabbing has become more frequent as an unintended consequence of the stricter gun control laws passed after a dreadful massacre by a lone gunman at Port Arthur in Tasmania.

  9. Very sad, but true. At my 'Gymnasium' (German High School) in my very small 'Dorf' (village) I was forever the social outcast, as I saw no plausible reason to get outrageously drunk and behave in a decidedly embarrassing manner every weekend along with everyone else in my year.

  10. I don't Isabelle! Though he swears it's true! one has to take information of this sort with a large helping of salt....

  11. As your other commenters have said, it seems to be a generational thing pretty much world wide. The girls next door to us are now over 20, and have spent the best part of their teenage years getting drunk at home every week with their friends. It has not been nice living next door to them, and one hopes they will eventually grow up and realise what they are doing to their liver and brain...although it is probably too late.

  12. I despair! So many youngsters have absolutely no concept of control, let alone discipline...

  13. This is quite terrifying on so many levels. A coming epidemic of Cirrhosis victims is on the horizon. As well as the swell of deaf people from all the loud music.