Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next week

1) Work is busy; and I'm feeling a bit forlorn. However, we get two days off next week for midterm.

2) My young(ish) Irish colleague stood in the workroom last Thursday and said dreamily, "Next Thursday I'll be in the West of Ireland. I'll just have finished a big meal and I'll be saying, 'No, really, I couldn't eat another bite,' and my two aunts will be saying, 'Oh, go on, go on, sure you could have another little slice.'"

And he nodded contentedly.

3) What are you planning to do next Thursday? My day will involve the dentist... .

4) P.S. Mr Life has just found this on YouTube. Watch it - if you haven't seen it before, it will bring a smile to your face:


  1. What's the holiday? I tried to look it up, but came up blank.

  2. Oh nothing, just the Scottish mid-term break. (Yippee!)

  3. Are you sure you won't have a cake now Father, go on, they've got cocaine in them...

    Sorry, my parents gave Matt the Father Ted series for Christmas.

  4. I can't wait till my two guitar laying boys wake up and I can show them this. Ryan3 will especially love it!

    (Love the anecdote about the Irish guy!)

  5. OOPS.
    My kids don't do amorous things with guitars.
    I meant guitar PLAYING boys.

  6. monday is a holiday (Presidents' Day) for government and bank employees here - alas, i am neither ... and on thursday i will be waiting for friday so it will then be saturday ... sigh ... don't get me wrong, though - i am NOT wishing it away! no siree!

  7. Loved the video. Love your blog, which I read all the time and why in the world I've never commented, I can't imagine! I feel like you, Mr. Life, and those wonderful kitties are my friends. Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Scottish mid-term break.

  8. Wow, that Youtube video is fantastic! Ken came in here just as it started, and we were both mesmerised!
    Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy your week!

  9. Like the video - especially because she kept getting the giggles.

    I'm hoping this week will involve a visit to the cinema - grand ambition, isn't it?

  10. Hmmm, next Thursday, I'll be at the end of my three-day working until 9 p.m. misery, so I'll be very happy! I hope you enjoy your break!

    And Wow! Tell Mr. Life thank you for the video -- it's awesome! I'm off to show TheManoftheHouse!

  11. I'll be at work (boo!) and then celebrating the 12th birthday of my first born (Harumble!). We are apparently going to the Mongolian Barbeque on Friday. Can't wait.

  12. Lovely cat!
    Next Thursday....where's my diary? !
    Never remember anything..

  13. I recognise the Irish need to feed - my Mother in Law is just like that - ah go on, just a small slab of cake/tart/pavlova/trifle!!

    Have a good break and hope the forlorn feeling goes away quick smart.

    Lesley x

  14. Hmmm... that would have been yesterday. I was home from work with a sick child. Not too exciting. I did go out to eat Mexican food for dinner with my husband and two of his sibs and their spouses. That was fun.