Monday, February 08, 2010

What people said

This picture is just here to remind me of last August. The winter will end. Summer will come again. Won't it?

I don't have time to blog but will just post unconnected two quotes. One was (I think) from David Attenborough, who said on the radio last Saturday, "We can only ever be as happy as the least happy of our children" - which I think is very true. I had never thought of David Attenborough being unhappy, but I suppose everyone is sometimes.

And one of my students wrote last week that if she was given £1000 she would buy a canapĂ© bed.

For midnight feasts, presumably.

Got to go and mark. Sigh.


  1. I think I have had enough of summer down here-too hot and humid, must be you turn now.

  2. I agree with that first quote... never thought I would have but I do now...

  3. I read the canape bed thing and thought "Hmm, another strange Britishism that I just don't get ( I live in North Carolina).

    And then it dawned on me (quite slowly) - CANOPY bed.

    No need for translation.

  4. Very true.
    My daughter is having a bad time and I am almost sick from it.

    I think I need a canape bed...

  5. And I am loving the hot and steamy but I dont think you would like it too much!

  6. i hope that isn't true - i have one child who hasn't been happy in forever! come to think of it, when she's here, i'm downright gloomy

  7. Oooh, just the thoughts of a canape bed makes my mouth water -- what a thing to imagine!

    I actually have that unhappiest child quote hanging above my desk at work -- I've always liked it. And I'm happy to report that my happiness quotient just went way up over the weekend when TheSecondChild called to report that he's found a job! A real one. In a lab. Doing medical research. It's all very exciting -- and oh, what a relief it is!!!

  8. What a wise man Mr. Attenborough is......though I suspect anyone's happiness quotient could be increased by sleeping in a bed of canapes!

  9. Obviously Mr Attenborough has children.
    What a wise quote.

    I think I would like a canape bed... eating is almost my last pleasure!

  10. Someone will have to produce a happiness calculator or assessor. I am not sure how happy my children are, but I think they are happier than I am. Which is a good thing. I wonder what provoked that comment by Attenborough?

  11. Like persiflage, I too think my daughter is happier than I am - despite her frustrations at work. It is a good thing, because that's surely what we strive for, to give our children a better happier life - and I don't mean materially. Does it work the other way I wonder? As adults are our lives so effected by whether our parents are happy? I suspect that depends on where you are in the generation game at any given time.
    A canape bed would have plenty to recommend it - perfect place for watching David Attenborough documentaries..