Monday, July 12, 2010

I think that I shall never see...

Look! My old person's bus pass arrived today, entitling me to free bus journeys anywhere in Scotland. Another advantage of being 60.
Still, enough of this crowing. Who, you ask, looked after the catlets in our absence in York? Why, Scott of Scott's Abode, friend of Frogdancer of Dancing with Frogs. Do have a look at Scott's report on his visit - he managed to do an impressive amount and seems to have had a good time, despite having experienced what sounds a bit like Edinburgh's first ever tornado-cum-monsoon-type-thing. So sorry, Scott! The cats report that he treated them like royalty - thank you so much, Scott! I hope they behaved nicely for you.

Talking of the tornado-cum-monsoon, look at my little plum tree, blooming sweetly in April.

Here it is - now with its red leaves - late in the evening of the summer equinox.

And this is what happened to it during Scott's big wind. Sob.

Cat consternation.

Mr Life drags the corpse away.
Alas. We only had three trees. Now we have two.
Life is short indeed. I'd better start using that bus pass before it's too late.


  1. Are you sure it was the wind? Maybe Scott packed an axe....?

  2. Oh dear. We've got more tree than we want - could you arrange for us to have a tornado instead?

  3. Oooooh that's awful! (Even though I'm chuckling over Frogdancer's comment. Thanks for the link to Scott's blog -- I had a great time reading about his trip and even picked up a few tips for my next visit! ;-)

  4. Well Scott is right! Stunning beautiful IS what Edinburgh is! He certainly covered a lot of ground.....

  5. Happy Birthday! What a cool looking bus pass! I wish I had that on a tee shirt...

    Sorry about your tree... I have lost a tree or two in my time, and it is a sad, sad thing indeed. Plant another!

  6. Anonymous9:13 am

    I enjoyed my stay. The pussies were lovely, except Sirius stopped out one night - at 11pm I went to bed and worried all night. The next morning, there he was in his igloo in the kitchen. Congratulations on your bus pass. Sorry about the tree. "Scott's big wind"? Hmmm.

  7. So behind on my blog reading! A very belated happy birthday to you :)

  8. Whoopee with the bus pass. I suppose it is outrageous concessions such as this that caused the fall of your Labour Government?
    Be hopeful, notwithstanding, and plant another tree.

  9. For a moment, I was disoriented. Scotland? Oh. That's right. You're in Scotland. Such a small world. Your part of it is very beautiful, from the pictures you post.