Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silly answer

I didn't get to the Botanics the other day but I did go today.
And then I came home and made the dinner while listening to "The Weakest Link":
Question: What element is given off by plants which is necessary for human beings and animals to breathe?
Answer: Pollen?
Love it.


  1. Ha! I didn't know pollen was necessary for us to breathe... although I suppose one could make the argument that in a roundabout way... ;)

  2. Good grief!
    On a recent quiz show here, a contestant was asked to state which word was the preposition in the following group: 'big' 'win' 'on' 'millionaire'. She did not know, so passed on the question to the next contestant.

  3. I need pollen - to make me sneeze - does that count!?

  4. Hahaha -- clearly the contestant doesn't have a problem breathing with pollen!

  5. Oddly enough, pollen makes it more difficult for many people to breathe!

  6. Oh! I even sneezed when I read this!