Sunday, November 28, 2010

What we did today

We woke this morning to even more snow - it looked like this - and since then there's been more yet. Very romantic, Stomper Girl? Well. Kinda. There's a certain appeal about being unable to go anywhere for a bit. A fleeting appeal.

I rather like the juxtaposition of the pink pelargoniums (rescued from the patio the other week) and the white garden.

This was the view from the front door.

This was the view from Daughter 2's bedrooom. Can you see the disapproval in every muscle of Sirius's body?

Down the lane I went to the main road to collect the paper.

Looking up the street. Like to try driving up this? Ha ha ha.

Down might be ok. But then what? It's a dead end apart from the lane.

This is the adjacent street that our car's parked in till it thaws - there it is, four cars up on the left. Not really sure I want to try driving it down this road either.

Still, Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law arrived on the bus for lunch. Daughter 1 has been knitting gnomes and a Santa to fit round wine corks.

Spot the intruder.
He looks good in a hat, don't you think?

Consternation among the gnomes. (He's a Lewis chess man, or a replica of one of them.)

(Well, on a snowy day you have to find amusement where you can.)

Sirius has a sniff.

Three of them - a bit many for a sensitive cat. He has to pretend they're not there.

Sirius and Cassie decide to go out.

Cassie bravely takes a few steps.

Then they both return. It's a sofa day, they've decided.
Work tomorrow; there's an appealing thought. Funny how appealing and appalling are so similar and yet so different...


  1. My little male cats are horrified at yours - going out in the snow? They are competing to see how long a cat can go without fresh air - over a week so far, and not flagging in the least. The girls manage a minute or two, but that's because they have neighbours to visit.

  2. I'm so surprised at all the snow I'm seeing on the blogs. LOVE the wine cork gnomes! They'd make cute finger puppets too.

  3. We have a similar scene out our windows but ours will be there for another six months...

  4. I needed a laugh just now and, like a trooper, you came to the rescue! I felt I was reading my first book...."See Spot Run," but starring Sirius and Cassie and those adorable little gnomes....And then the kicker---"appealing and appalling!" How true. The snow is very nice, but only from afar. It was very nice to barbeque the turkey outside in the sunshine last week.....

  5. Love those gnomes. And the scene out of our window in Warwickshire has nothing on yours ... I really hope we get loads of snow. I could do with one of those days when school rings up and says, 'Sorry, closed'. That would be sooooooooooooo good. (Even if I HAVE done all my marking ...)

  6. There is now a tenth gnome - the lime-green one is finished!

    The gnomes were supposed to be sold for charity, but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to split them up now. I may just have to make a donation!

  7. Yeah, Moby's doing the "Wanna go out!" Paw shake, paw shake, paw shake "Nevermind."

  8. The snow is beautiful, but I bet a pain to drive up that hill atop that pretty white covering. The cork gnomes are adorable! And the chessman in the hat is rather stylish. :) Stay warm and safe! :)

  9. Morty has No idea about Snow! He would be horrified beyond belief. At present he can explore the New Neighbour's 3 story Boat. Provided the 'owner dogs' dont discover his sneaky ways!

  10. I still think it looks romantic, sorry! And your kitties made me laugh. We've been having rather a lot of rain in Melbourne (let's just say the drought has well and truly broken!) so on the rainy days Basil-cat stays inside and loafs around, whereas on sunny days he disappears for the duration.

  11. Our cat has been alternating between (1)telling us loudly and insistently how he disapproves of our decision to lay all this white stuff around the place and (2) going outside and running around in it like a mad thing. At the moment he is languishing in my mother's lap, planning his next move. We are watching the websites to see if Mum and Dad are likely to be on a plane for Australia tonight........

  12. You're so funny! Love the little gnomes. And the intruder. And the kitty capers.


  13. Oooh, lotsa snow - lovely photos, but rather you than me! LOVE the gnomes - what a great idea. I bet when you'd finished the blog post you made up a play and acted them in it....?!

  14. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I love the silhouettes of Cassie and Sirius against the snow!

  15. That's a chess piece from an Isle of Skye set, isn't it? Isn't it?

  16. 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

    This is a comment from Cassie Cat. She's a very fast typist.

  17. Ah, you've been looking for posts in all the wrong places Isabelle! I have posted recently---on the recipe blog.....

  18. Lewis. Isle of Lewis. Jeez, I've even BEEN there, you'd think I could get the name right.

  19. Such beautiful photos. There is something timelessly appealing about photos of anything covered in snow - buildings, trees, cars, whatever - the most humdrum (is that right - humdrum?) object suddenly looks perfect in its white coat.
    I think I said this during your winter last year, but I'm driven to saying it again: black cats look stunning against white snow!
    Oh, those little knitted figures are soooo cute!

  20. Max got out last night as I was getting the groceries in from the car. He leaped through the front door, clearing the front steps and landed in a couple of centimetres of snow. The look he gave me should have struck me dead, "YOU," it said clearly, "YOU have put this terrible cold white stuff on the ground."

    He danced about for a minute or so, trying to find a spot to stand that wasn't cold and wet, and then gave up and stomped back up the steps and waited for me to let him back in, disapproval radiating from him in palpable waves.

    Cats are funny, aren't they? And I love those gnomes!