Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The snow it snoweth every day. Several times.

You're probably tired of seeing pictures of snow by now, but this is the view from our front door this morning. It was a bit of a white-out at that point...

... though later on it became more like this.

Sirius's opinion of the weather...

... is very similar to Cassie's.
On the positive side, however, THE COLLEGE HAS BEEN CLOSED both yesterday and today!! You can imagine how upset and frustrated I have been, being unable to get to work and having to stay at home and read books. Disaster! But I coped - the wartime spirit and all that.

Both days, I trudged up through the snowheaps to visit my mum. Look - blue sky against snowy branches. Pretty.

This is the view from my mum's front door.

This is the view as I trudged back again.

Our back garden, gradually being effaced under a blanket of white.

This is the front garden - I had to think hard to orient myself here - looking towards the hedge. Path to the left (theoretically). Driveway across the back. I keep digging a path through the snow and then it keeps getting obliterated again.

Still, I went out yesterday to do a bit of hunter-gathering. Christmas cake ingredients...

... become cakes!
Today I've done a whole pile of marking and feel rather smug.
Our car, still up in the adjacent street, has become walled in by huge heaps of snow that people have piled round it while digging their driveways clear. It's very frustrating that the main roads are reasonably clear while the side roads are impassable. I think we'll just have to stay inside, reading and reading and blogging and blogging while we wait for spring... Except of course that the buses are running fairly normally, down at the bottom of the lane. Pity.


  1. everyone needs a snow day now and then!

  2. Schools etc still open here - lady who lives next door is a primary head and she bravely tackled the slope out and up the lane with her husband following with a spade. So far snow just a light covering so I could go out.........

  3. Oh, you LUCKY girl! We never get enough snow to close work. Your cakes look beautiful -- this is the perfect getting-ready-for-Christmas post!

  4. Three of my four cats share the same attitude as Cassie and Sirius. Your snow days have turned out very productive, I must say! Great looking cakes......

  5. the snow is always so bright and pretty... until it turns to a grey messy slush. enjoy it while you can,I say.

  6. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Unfortunately our pitiful amount of snow is quickly turning to ice - not fun at all!

  7. Isabelle, I will be right over with a pot of tea! Now...where did I put my waterwings and snowshoes...hmmm...well, do try to have fun anyway! (Beautiful pictures, by the way)

  8. You had a snow day, stayed home and read my books?........... You are currently my least favourite person. The forgiveness may take a while.

  9. You know, it does look rather nice, and I would really enjoy curling up the way C&S are curled up, nose down in soft upholstery with, of course,a lovely book...Are C&S readers or just good old professional snoozers?
    The Christmas cakes look very nice---I can almost smell them!

  10. Like Fran, I am very envious of your being able to read on a workday, but I wouldn't trade you for your snow. I see that they are predicting more snow and cold from Russia for you all. The most we ever get is the infamous Alberta Clipper in the late wintertime and never, ever as much snow as you have now.

  11. So picturesque - a perfect backdrop to staying inside a warm house with books and baking and curled-up kitties.

  12. My goodness! From here, that seems almost unbelievable.
    We are having rain, upon rain, for our first official day of Summer. Still, it is rather nice & coolish, so we are not complaining.
    Glad you can cope with cosying up, and reading and blogging!

  13. I know snow is not as much fun as it looks...but I have to say, that looks lovely! I'd be happy to have that outside my door (for, oh, about five minutes.)

  14. It DOES look very cold. but so pretty, from this far away place.
    Many years ago, I had a colleague who took off and went to GB. She wrote that it snowed, and that this seemed to take the Brits totally by surprise, as though it had never happened before!
    Is that (still) the case?
    Your cakes have inspired me. I had intended, for about the first time ever, not to make a cake this year, seeing we will have no family with us, but upon seeing your photos I am seized by an extremely powerful urge to get out there, buy the fruit, and bake the world's most fabulous cake. Even if I do not have any gorgeous cats.
    Not that I am skiting at all. Oh no!