Saturday, January 08, 2011


You may remember that we climbed Blackford Hill on New Year's Day and I slipped and fell on the way down. It was memorably sore but I thought I'd just sprained it and spent the week hobbling about. However, it remains very swollen and bruised, so today I saw sense and went to the hospital and they x-rayed it and it's broken.

I've now got crutches and am not to put any weight on it. I have to sit with it higher than my heart all weekend. This is very boring. I've got an appointment at the fracture clinic on Monday morning, where doctor Son says that they may give me a weight-bearing plaster, which would make walking easier. And by the way, he's got engaged to his young lady.

So far this year:

I've broken my ankle
I'm going to be a granny!
Daughter 1 and SIL plan to move house (before the baby arrives in July)
Daughter 2 has moved to London
Daughter 2's getting married
Son's engaged
My mother's going to move in with us, selling her flat and somehow getting rid of her extremely numerous possessions.

It's all a bit exhausting for a person who likes a quiet life.

Fortunately, Cassie and Sirius Cat are taking it all calmly. And Mr Life is nobly rallying round.


  1. Oh, Isabelle - what a start to the year! Do hope the ankle will get better quickly. It's a bit of a curate's egg so far, isn't it - and we're only at the end of the first week. As for me, SIL and DD flew off yesterday (and it's her birthday today, just to rub salt!) Fortunately DS has come to stay for a few days and is helping me get her flat ready to rent out so I'm doing the busy, busy, don't think, don't think too :) Hugs

  2. What a misfortune. I hope the pain eases and that recovery goes smoothly - do be careful. Apart from the pain it sounds a very tedious business.
    Congratulations to your son on his engagement. You have much to look forward to this year.

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  4. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Your life is certainly not to be described as boring!

    I think there are plenty of bright spots on that list of events I hope they help you get through those less-than-good moments.

  5. Oh no! Although some of your Stress List From Hell is actually rather lovely.... a granny! Lucky lucky you. But fancy walking on a broken ankle all this time - honestly, missis! Get better soon.

  6. Does this mean time off work ....? Just asking, out of interest....

  7. Glad you got the ankle sorted. Red cross parcel will be posted next week.

  8. My favourite bit is the part about Mr. Life gamely rallying round! Sounds like an exciting year ahead! Hope you'll be in dancing and galumphing form again soon!

  9. Hiya Isabelle! Commiserations on your ankle (boo hiss), but congratulations on all your happy family news .... weddings and babies! I've missed some big news here on your blog!

    I hope your ankle heals quickly, and that you are soon able to get about in a fashion.

    Just in case you were concerned, all is ok here where I live as far as floods, though there are many people affected in country areas nearby .... this rain is just unbelievable. It has rained almost every day for about 5 weeks now and the end is not in sight yet.

    Lovely to read your comment on my blog Isabelle... all the best for 2011!

  10. So much going on in your life!!

    I did a simliar thing a few years ago and didn't realise that I had fractured my ankle, here's hoping you have a quick recovery!

    Keep smiling and look forward to the new baby and the wedding:-)

  11. Are you able to sleep with all this whizzing about in your head? Perhaps eventually the worries collide and knock each other out.

  12. Wow, you have quite a lot going on, don't you? But there's some really great stuff happening, too: Weddings! A baby! I am very sorry to hear about your foot, though. Hope you'll feel better very soon!

  13. take care of yourself... I hope you haven't got a nasty commenter now on top of everything - i noticed a couple of deleted comments...

  14. No, not nasty comments. One very nice one but it had her email address which she didn't want left up, and the other, don't know - a mistake deleted by the commenter (maybe pressed the thing twice?)

  15. Gosh, and it's only the January the 9th. Hope your ankle gets better soon.

  16. Ah..... Get well soon !!!!
    And I am sure you will... with such a lovely family around.... God Bless !!
    I guess its the time for action and sunshine for cancerians....
    Good Luck to us.. :)
    And now... many Congratulations are due to you..... so CONGRATULATIONS !!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! If I ever come to UK, I am definitely going to travel to meet you.... :)

  17. Oh dear, Isabelle! I hope your poor, swollen ankle heals quickly. I did the same thing with my shoulder in February 2008. Slipped on ice and found out a week later (when I finally went to the Dr.) that it was broken. Hurts! You have my sincere sympathy.
    I'm glad to hear that you have good news to balance the not so good.
    A new baby...oh lovely! Plus a wedding and engagement to boot. Good things to look forward to.
    Wishing you a quick recovery and a very happy 2011 to you, Mr. Life and all your lovely family.

  18. Hope your ankle mends quickly and the non weight-bearing stage passes swiftly before boredom takes over!! I remember how dull it was not being able to get around from when I ruptured my achilles tendonyears ago....ugh

    Commiserations and chin up chuck.

    Lesley xx

  19. Well, what do I say.... not the splendid start to 2011 one was hoping for, but the news of engagements and weddings and babies is wonderful, even though it means Daughter#2 heading south, I suppose. Does this mean an extended break from work? That could be lovely, providing one has lots to read, of course.
    I hope your ankle heals fast, my friend, and when is your Mum moving in? Hopefully that can be done in stages. This is going to be a memorable year in so many ways, I sense!

  20. Oh no! How awful! (Although at the risk of getting a cushion lobbed at me, I did say you needed to be resting with that foot higher than your heart when I saw you last!!!) Great news about your son - can you find a mother-of-the-bride-type shop that will give you a bulk discount, do you think? (And we have spent the weekend wallpaper-stripping at the Corbies so may be in a position to assist a litle with your furniture overflow. Just say the word!)

  21. Poor try to relax and keep the leg elevated.
    Y'know, all your news is really lovely....engagements and births etc., are pit stops along the road of love/they love and around the world turns....

  22. Let's hope the rest of the year will be less eventful - although that sounds unlikely.

    Hope you get back on your ankle asap - somebody's got to get the rest of the clan organised. Non?

  23. Holy Cow Isabelle! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle -- I hope it mends soon. Congratulations to son -- you're going to be a busy Mum/Grandma before you know it!

  24. Anonymous8:24 am

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I'm sorry about your ankle - hopefully you will be able to put weight on it soon. What a busy year you have to look forward to - especially the grandbaby! Regards Anne