Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tea and sympathy

A few posts ago I was bewailing (as is my wont - sorry) Daughter 2's departure to London. Whereupon HerHimnBryn of Accept All Offerings -
(keep forgetting how to do the linky thing - must learn it) and Secret Hill Mosaics - left a comment saying that she wanted to send me some tea and sympathy from Australia.

Just the offer, never mind the actual tea, was so heartwarming. But then a parcel arrived. (The black cat is just incidental, covering the address so you don't all think I'm canvassing for free gifts...)

I was so touched that someone who only knows me through my maunderings about cats and flowers and students and departed children should sympathise and bother to do anything about it.

Look! Beautifully wrapped little thingies and biscuits and tea - the biscuits are Tim Tams and koala shapes!

Not just tea and biscuits but a wee plate too, with Australian flowers!

So pretty.

And thoughts.

And a hand-made card. HerHimnBryn makes beautiful mosaics - do go and look at them at

I'd never heard of a Bronze Wing Pigeon.
Thank you so much, HHnB.

PS ankle coming on well, thank you. Now hobbling considerably faster.


  1. That is so lovely! And Tim Tams - I love them. Let me know if you like them + I'll bring you more back from Aus in April.

  2. That's what I call getting post. It's a dying art.

  3. Don't touch those biscuits till you've learned what a Tim Tams Explosion is, and how to do it.... it's wonderful! (I was taught when I was over there, and brought that special pleasure home to try on friends. You are free to consult me!)

  4. She's a gem that HHB isn't she?

    (Check first if a Tim Tam Explosion is the same as a Tim Tam Slam).

  5. oh how sweet! internet pals can be the BEST.

  6. suh-weet! i found Tim Tams at our local Target and bought a package - they are gooooood!

    i LOVE the feather - even though i am terrified of feathers in real life ... if there was more Paying It Forward and less Paying It Back, the World would be better, wouldn't it?!?

  7. I'm always amazed by the kindness I've found through blogging. Having been away from blog-proper this last fortnight I'm a bit behind on your news. A broken ankle, oh dear! Hope you are healing fast and getting the hang of those crutches.

  8. You are very kind. Now ask Mr Life to put the kettle on, break open the biscuits (if you haven't already!). Look after that foot.

  9. Which continues to prove my theory that wonderful, generous, kind people outnumber axe murderers on the internet by about a few hundred thousand to one. Give or take.

  10. TimTams! They are fantastic -- can you get them in Scotland? What a wonderful thing to do!

    Oh, and when Rachel tells you what a TimTam explosion is, you must tell us!

  11. Discovered Tim Tams when visiting daughter HHnB, in Oz. Then found our local Tescos here in UK were stocking them! However, they seem to have gone from their shelves these days.

  12. What an absolutely delightful gift! Soon, I am sure, you will be kicking up your heels again!

  13. Oh, that is very, very lovely!