Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Essays on my desk

We have a range of students at our college. For example, I asked two classes to write essays about topical issues of their choice.

Here are the first sentences of two essays:

First student: “Anthropocentrism is an interesting concept.”

Second student: “Yessss it’s the weekend, time to get steaming.”

("Steaming", by the way, means "extremely drunk".)

As I said, a range of students.


  1. I burst out laughing and TheManoftheHouse gave me "the Look". That's pretty funny -- a wide range indeed!

  2. Can you fail people as early as this, or do you have to wait until they continue to demonstrate their idiocy?
    (I know the answer to this.)
    As I walked from my house to the bus stop, via the lanes, there were two boys in the middle lane who looked as though they had been caught out. I asked, 'Are you boys smoking?' Sheepishly they admitted they were, so I said, 'you are bad! you are bad', and we laughed and I walked on.
    I wonder whether their parents know they smoke (I presume so) and who provides the money for the cigarettes?

  3. Second student could still be someone with a lot to offer and student one could be as dull as ditchwater..OR...they could be just what they are.....who knows how their lives will turn out....

  4. I feel thick. What is anthropcentri..somethingorother????