Friday, February 11, 2011

Tony the Painter

Hurray! The Virgin chap came at 8 this evening and we're back on line after 10 days. I've missed you all! And I have LOTS of emails to answer.
We got a phone call this morning from Tony the Painter, who's coming to paint our son's bedroom.
Tony has a wonderful Irish accent, instantly recognisable.
Him: Hello-o-o-o, Mrs MacDonald. [This is not my name, by the way, but it doesn't seem worth correcting him.]
Me: Hello.
Him: Wellllllll now, it's Tony the Painter.
Me: Yes, hello.
Him: Welllllll now, I was wondering about coming to paint your bedroom.
Me [encouragingly]: Yes.
Him: I was wondering about Monday.
Me: Yes, Monday would be great.
[Some chat then ensues about the finer details of this arrangement.]
Him: That's fine now. I'll see you Monday. [Pause.] Or maybe Tuesday.


  1. So glad to see you back online. I am looking forward to your updates of the 10 days you spent - GASP - without internet! I know I would not have survived!

  2. Welllll now Mrs. McDonald! Tony the painter, being a good Irishman, is probably aware that when God made time he made oodles of it. And sure, what would be your rush now Mrs. McDonald? Isn't Tuesday just as fine a day as Monday?
    Sebastian the painter, as co-incidence would have it, is coming here on Monday, weather permitting!

  3. Hahaha! I hope the room gets painted before Wednesday!

    And are you, Mrs. McDonald, an heir to the McDonald's fortune?

    It's Wonderful to have you back!

  4. Welcome back.
    Tony sounds like a speedy one! I agree with least he lets you know when he might or might not arrive and whats the rush anyway?

  5. Well now and will you definitely pay him Wednesday? or maybe Thursday?

  6. 'So it is'. (A wonderful philosophical confirmatory phrase used as an appendage to almost anything.) Glad to see you back.

  7. At least it's painting and not hole-in-roof-repairing, which my poor friends with water running down the kitchen light have found may take weeks!

  8. Welcome back! We missed you.....Keep up up to speed (!) on the painting of the bedroom....

  9. Sorry, should be keep us up to speed......!

  10. Glad you're back. My broadband came back for exactly two hours on Thurs morning, then I had to go out and when I came back it had gone again. Battle with BT is ongoing, meanwhile I have to nip over to Worcester and use daughter's for anything urgent!
    Hope the decorating goes well.

  11. I know some people who take the same approach to giving in homework.

  12. Yes, sorry about that. Tony the Painter is coming over to mine on Monday.

    Not to paint. To record an audiobook.