Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red dungarees

So what were the highlights of today? I went and collected Daughter 1 and Grandson, arriving when the lad still had on his pyjamas. Big boy pyjamas with a jacket and trousers! - with pictures of moose on them. Very stylish.

The three of us walked up the road (well, the boy was in his pushchair) to the Christmas fair at the school which our children and I all attended. I mused that when I was a pupil there, it never once occurred to me that I might one day be in the school hall with my grandson in my arms. It would have been unimaginable ever to be that old. Daughter 1 felt the same about being there with her son.

We returned home. When we first came to our current house, 21 years ago, this road, which is on our way home, felt more or less untouched by the last hundred and fiftyish years. It doesn't really lead anywhere apart from to the very large houses set back from the road. You could more or less imagine Jane Austen (had she ever visited Edinburgh) strolling up here to visit one of her friends. Then they built some modern flats in the grounds of the big house to the right and now there are great building works happening in the grounds to the left. Which seems a pity.

We bought Grandson some red dungarees at the fair. They're a bit big for him at the moment but he's growing fast. Hard to remember that only just over four months ago, we'd never met him.

Time passes; things change; children grow up; people grow old.


  1. Oh he is so gorgeous! And yes he is growing so fast - I can't believe he is only 4 months old. But you are so lucky to have him close by!

  2. We can't stop progress, can we? Doesn't mean we have to like it though. My goodness, No 1 Grandson is growing so much!

  3. What a bonny boy he is. And those red dungarees (overalls?) are splendid.

  4. I feel like time has strapped on roller skates and is whizzing away. I would love to throw an anchor on it and slow it down.

  5. What a long baby he is becoming. Is it the Scotch mist? What is Scotch mist??

  6. Those are very smart pyjamas!
    How lovely to have three generations back in the old school.