Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.

I went to Daughter 1's house today and took Grandson for a walk so that she could wield the vacuum cleaner in peace. I'd forgotten the way that babies look around when outside: his little head swivels and his eyes go from side to side, building up a picture (presumably) of the world. Then after a while, he went to sleep. It was a windy day so he was well wrapped up. I continued walking, admiring his perfect little face as he concentrated on sleeping.

I wandered along the road and, after a while, into an industrial estate that I hadn't known was there. It has a rather fine view over a golf course and on to Arthur's Seat, the biggest of the hills within Edinburgh. I would really like to have a view like this from my house (cf post about the tile a couple of days ago). You'd think that people would pay quite a lot for such an outlook.

This is what has the benefit of that view. Good bit of town planning there...