Saturday, June 16, 2012

220 down, 12 to go

Twelve scripts to go. I think I've decided that if you can't spell "sentence" ("sentance" is the most popular misspelling, with the variation of "sentace", but "scentence" is gaining popularity) then you don't really deserve to pass Higher English.

Ironically, Mr Life and I had great difficulty with a clue in today's cryptic crossword: "A few words could be fine". Answer: sentence.

I'm also feeling somewhat uncharitable towards candidates - answering questions on two articles about the Olympics - who write "Olimpics" or "Olyimpics".

(Yes, I do realise that some people are dyslexic and no, I'm not actually failing these people for these mistakes alone. Though I'm tempted... .)

Mum has been worse but is now better again, though still in hospital. It's been quite a struggle visiting twice a day and getting the marking done. I fear that retirement isn't as much fun as I'd hoped.


  1. Oh, Isabelle , I was hoping your retirement was going to be lovely to restore my faith in the future. It seems cats have the right idea - total self interest and get someone else to do the work and pay the bills ....

  2. Yes unfortunately, life likes to throw stones at us just when we think we can finally relax..... The Prince keeps us hopping [and groaning and rolling our eyes!] with his see-saw behaviour---I'm fine, go away/Help,I'm dying this time for sure! He has always liked to be in the driver's seat. He makes your mother look like Mother Theresa! I think he knows exactly what he's doing!

    Jee got it right! Cats are more highly evolved than we are...

  3. I am reelly sorry you are having such difficutlies with the examanation markings - must be reelly furstrating.
    Hugs to your mum x