Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring and steroids

This is not my garden, though that's also looking good at the moment with all the spring flowers. The photo is of a flowerbed in Bruntsfield Links on the way home from piano the other day. It's been so cold that everything is very late this year, but at last we have lots of colour.

It's still quite chilly, though. Today has been reasonably sunny and when you're in the sun you think, ah yes, it's really quite a warm day. Then the sun goes behind a cloud and you change your mind.

Well, I mustn't witter on because we have a visitor arriving tomorrow and there's nothing like guests to make you look critically at the state of your skirting boards.

The visitor, who is American, has brought some cunning cat treats with little pockets in them for you to insert your cat's pill. She says that her cats eat them happily so I'll try one on Sirius tomorrow.  The latest diagnosis is asthma and he's on steroids. He seems (fingers crossed) much better. At the moment I'm still grinding his pill up, mixing it with Greek yogurt and then wiping the goo on his paws. He now sighs when he sees me coming but obligingly allows me to smear him and then licks it off. But the pocket-treat idea sounds much better.

Off I go to wield a damp cloth.


  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    We use pill pockets for our cats. Trick is give one half to one third of one without pill, let him enjoy flavor, then if pill is small enough, use remainder to squish around the pill. Likely cat will swallow without question. Good luck, hoping that asthma is the issue and nothing more.
    Vet also stated to buy the larger dog size if possible which can be halfed for cats, getting so much more for the buck.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions, Anon. Will take your advice.

  3. Polys and Tulips and rushes I think - they look just fabulous! Wouldn't it be great to be able to plant a complete bed like that?
    Belated Happy Birthday to R. Does that mean he gets some money from the Government now...or do you start that earlier than us?
    Lovely for little N to have a sandpit. I do hope the pussy boys don't use it for you know what.
    I also hope the medication does the trick.

  4. Our cat was adept at licking off the tasty bit (often Marmite) and then spitting out the nasty pill. He could save that moment for quite a while, thus fooling you into believing he'd swallowed it.

  5. No, no pussy stuff - it has a lid.

  6. Poor Sirius. Our vet has a pill applicator that launches the pill down the gullet, which looks easy. I'm an expert pill thrower from years of sick kitties, but the treats with pockets sound very clever. You really can buy anything in America!

    PS belated happy birthday wishes and congratulations on achieving OAP-hood to Mister Life

  7. My first thought was "Wow! Look at Isabelle's garden!" Beautiful combination of flowers.
    Scottish Cats on Steroids....Hmmmm.
    Hope the pills help.

  8. Anonymous3:22 am

    Oh - spring! How lovely for you - I am cold and grumpy in the throes of winter. Can you tell I do not like it very much? :) I've never had any luck with cat pills either. Keep trying!

  9. My old cat ( 14) has what appears to be a sudden asthma attack every so lasts about 5 mins and he has been diagnosed with a heart murmur , and failing heart causing fluid on lungs ( or maybe on heart)
    We have not put him through xray and fluid removal due to his age, and apparently the fluid will most likely come back anyway. The majority of the time he is quite OK. The pill pockets sound like a good idea, but I have found that some cheese softened in the hand and wrapped round a pill usually goes down OK.

  10. Isabelle? Are you okay? Not like you to go a week without a post...