Sunday, May 05, 2013


Granddaughter decided to wear something really feminine yesterday. I wonder what she keeps in her pockets?

She and Daughter 2 had a bit of a chat.

Today we fished out a 25-year-old copy of "Spot's First Walk" and Daughter 2 read it to Grandson. He really...

... really enjoyed it. Even on the fourth reading. He likes books. "Words," he says gravely, pointing at them.

In a quiet moment, he perched on his chair and looked at "Ant and Bee" - another book we bought for our children when they were little. My brother and I had had a copy of this when we were children. "Smile for Granny," I said, and he did.

Then he returned to the important matter of his book.


  1. Wow -- look how big little granddaughter is already! Soon she'll be as big as little N and you'll be reading to two!

  2. I can't get over how fast he is growing up. A few weeks ago he still looked like a very little boy. In the last one here, he could almost be at school!

  3. Doesn't this put a song in your heart! How delightful N is, and how adorable your granddaughter!

  4. Little grandson seems to have the
    sunniest disposition! What a cute little bookworm and nature and tac-tah lover he is!He'll be ready to read stories to his little sister by the time she's able to sit up!

  5. What a gorgeous pink outfit! Little one is looking delightful.

    And so pleased to see your grandson enjoying books! Hope this will be the start of a life-long pleasure for him.

  6. Don't they look alike !
    Lovely that he's "reading" already ... a love of books is one of the best things we can give them .

  7. Really, Isabel, a chap musn't be disturbed when important stuff like reading is available!! Gorgeous picture!

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