Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mainly the kids

We've had a lovely weekend. Daughter 2 came home, which always improves any day, and we had a family gathering. Granddaughter smiled a lot.

Grandson rode his bike.

Son came down as well and we all went for a walk. Some of us fell asleep. The others found it a bit difficult to smile into the sun. It was so nice to have them all together.

Today, Daughter 2, Mr L and I went to Doors Open Day. This house wasn't part of it but we passed it on the way from one venue to another. It's a very tiny house. I imagined myself living there alone, having pared down my possessions, in this little back street: just looking out of the window, peacefully. Life would be very simple. (I wouldn't really like it, though.)

This is East Queen Street Gardens. Usually only those who rent a key can use these gardens. I wondered whether we should see if they'd rent one to us. But I don't suppose we'd actually go there very much.

This is the Edinburgh University Catholic Chaplaincy's chapel. We liked those tree-like supports in front of the windows looking out on a sycamore tree, though we'd have liked them even more if they hadn't been made of what Daughter 2 assured us is called Corten, which is steel which is specially designed to rust on the outside. There were rusty flakes all over the floor. It was a beautiful building, though.

We lunched in a little place (which I won't name, to spare its blushes) in town. Mr L ordered a pint of beer; he got half a pint. I ordered cappuccino with no chocolate on the top; I got it with chocolate. He ordered the all-day breakfast with no tomatoes; he got it with tomatoes. I ordered a vegetarian burger; I got a vegetarian all-day breakfast. We meekly just accepted all this. It was food, after all.

Later (today) I bought a raffle ticket for a good cause and noticed afterwards that the draw had happened yesterday. Thanks, raffle ticket seller!

We visited Daughter 1. Daughter 2 demonstrated her juggling skills to the children using cuddly toys instead of balls. Granddaughter thought this was hilarious.


  1. You are too meek!! All those errors in your orders is a disgrace. One or two is excusable, but it sounds like you received somebody else's order altogether!

  2. If you don't stand up for yourself then no one else mistake in the order would not have been so bad, but it sounds as though nothing was right! The grandies are very smiley today.

  3. The Lifes are not a family of complainers. Stiff letters to the managing director, possibly, not in person 'service professionals'. Ohh no.

  4. Awww, it sounds like the perfectly sweet weekend. It looks like little granddaughter has summed it up in that last picture!


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