Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gently melting

Gosh, it's hot. On Sunday afternoon, we went with the other grandparents to Vogrie Park, where there's a big trike. Son-in-Law 1 obligingly climbed up on it at his son's request.

Little N sat on a big chair but was a bit unsure about it.

He really liked the little train, though, and when he got off, he spontaneously said to the driver, "Thank you very much for a nice ride." Awww.

And again awww.

Today we lurked in the garden, keeping out of the sun. Google claims that it was 23 Celsius, which is 73.4 Fahrenheit, but it felt much hotter to me. It was windless, which is unusual for Edinburgh. Still, the sandpit has an integral sunshade (or umbrella).

I may be prejudiced but I do think she's yummy. Not advanced for her age, I must confess - not really walking or talking to any great extent. But frankly, niceness is more important than genius. The world needs more nice people, as we have recently discussed.


  1. 23 degrees - wow! Last summer this town recorded its hottest temperature ever, 45 deg. Now that was hot.
    Yes, definitely, niceness should be a compulsory quality in everyone. The world needs more nice.

  2. Niceness. Yes. Tell it to Mr. Putin please. Not melting gently here but
    in the way that calls for several changes of clothing per day. Roll on Fall (which doesn't get into its stride here until November.) Still, there's no snow to shovel, so I'll quit my bellyachin'. Lovely pics of your grandchildren. See, you got them in the end!

  3. Niceness IS better than genius -- I was just talking with a friend yesterday and we both agreed we'd rather our children find matches that have a good heart than a big brain haha.

    What perfect manners little N has! And I know you don't worry about little L -- she'll certainly catch up. She's working on more important things now! (Like posing for beautiful pictures for Grannie's friends!)

  4. LOL Molly! I hope Isabelle hasn't got any Russian followers, they might take exception to that!
    Miss L really is a cutie.
    We heard about your heatwave on the news tonight, and Ken said "I wouldn't mind that kind of heatwave". Our weather at the moment is probably the equivalent of a Scottish autumn...5 deg.C overnight. That's pretty cold to us.

  5. Too hot is anything over 30 degrees for me. A 23 degree day sounds perfect. Especially from here now, where I'm glued to the heater! I agree either you about nice people, and your family all seem very nice!

  6. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned but your blog is getting this pesky soundtrack "This is what you want, this is what you get". It seems to be associated with Site Meter. Do you have that? Alice at Sight of Morning took it off her blog and the not very suitable (or nice) music has stopped. Annie had it at Knitsofacto too.
    You must have the smiliest grandchildren in Scotland.

  7. Oh really? I had heard that Sitemeter had turned a bit funny. Will investigate. Thanks for telling me. Grr.

  8. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Oh, the smile on that darling girl's face! And N's very good manners - just lovely, lovely children. You are a very lucky woman.

  9. Niceness is definitely the best quality to have!And they both look gorgeous too!