Monday, July 28, 2014

Thomas and friends

Daughter 1 has made a bag for herself. She's much better at crafty things than I am. I'm still quilting my little cot quilt, however, and enjoying it, though it's a cosy activity on a muggy evening, especially when assisted by a furry companion.

Yesterday we took Grandson to Bo'ness, where there are steam engines (which his grandfather likes) including Thomas The Tank Engine (and friends) lookalikes. He enjoyed this. He also enjoyed scuffing through the gravel at the end of the platform. Various things are fun when you're three.

Then we came back here for tea and a play. He arranged his toy cars in neat lines and looked at them with satisfaction. Then he said, with a guilty beam, "I like playing here without [Granddaughter]!"


  1. I have memories of taking a three year old to see trains, too.....and a six year old......such a pretty bag!

  2. Loved the cute bag and the adorable photos of grandson and Thomas! :) Thank you for your post on my blog and not giving up on me! :)

  3. K has done a beautiful job on her new bag -- very pretty. And you're selling yourself short on the crafty front -- the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. I can't wait to see your cot quilt.

    And little N is getting so big. I love the quips you post from him -- they're so honest at that age!!!

  4. Your daughter's patchwork bag is lovely, so lively.

    How sweet your grandson is, and how honest! I'm glad he sometimes have the chance to play at your house alone. I'm sure your granddaughter will have those times, too. And of course, times together.

  5. LOVE the bag! I need to get busy in my sewing room and post whatever I come up with! I've a new book of things to make for the kitchen and want to get busy on Christmas gifts and things for the Church Craft Sale! That bag would be a BIG HIT!
    I remember doing fun things with a 3-year-old. Unfortunately, they grew up and are NOT providing me with Grands.... :-P

  6. Anonymous12:22 am

    Trains - what bliss.