Monday, August 25, 2014

Rushing rushing rushing

We came back from York on Thursday but since then things have been crazy busy and still are. The family were here at the weekend, which was nice, celebrating Son's 30th birthday (a week early). How can he be 30 when I'm only 34??

House-swapping is always interesting. You always think things like: how can people live without a colander? No doubt the family in our house wonder how we manage without a lemon zester or a garlic roaster.

It's impossible not to speculate about your swappers - these people had a lot of pictures and objects from foreign countries, such as the ?? Japanese ?? ladies beside the television. Why did they choose these pieces and where did they find them? I was dying to rearrange the blue candlesticks and decanter by spreading them out a bit.

York is very lovely. This is the Shambles, a wee twisty street. It's not really shambolic but as you see below, the name is to do with meat-displaying benches.

Daughter 2 came up from London for the weekend to join us. The grounds of York Museum have these ruins of St Mary's Abbey, completed in 1294.

We liked the way that spare bits of ancient abbey that were lying around have been used to prop up flowerbeds.

Oh, but I missed the little ones. It was so good to see them again.

Grandson: What's the opposite of nothing?
Me: Something.
Grandson: But WHAT?

A good question.

Must get on. More in due course.


  1. Mm, my fingers are twitching a bit too......glad you had a good time though. You don't look a day over 33.. ....

  2. I would have to restrain myself from rearranging many things......we have had house sitters minding our house when we go away for the past couple of years, and it works well for us. Even if I do have trouble finding the potato peeler for a few days afterwards......

  3. Love York and, as it isn't very far away, I don't know why I don't visit more often. Not sure I could house swap, though. I know I wouldn't be able to resist poking around in cupboards and drawers but hate the thought of someone doing the same here (not that we have anything dodgy hidden away, you understand!). Still pondering your grandson's question. I may be some time.....

  4. Well, clearly, Grandson was studying up on how to make Granny laugh while you were gone! Having just done the 30th birthday thing, I feel your pain. It's amazing isn't it, that our age when we birthed those boys gets younger every year. York looks amazing -- we haven't been there yet and it's definitely on my list for a future visit!

    Also, will you be giving us the answer to grandson's riddle at some point?

  5. I'm wondering if the answer is "everything".

  6. Or, more likely "anything".