Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Scottish summer

On Saturday, Mr L, Daughter 2 and I walked along the beach at Portobello (at the east side of Edinburgh). It was hot. People were doing beachy things: swimming, paddling, making sandcastles ... sheltering from the stiff breezes (well, this is Scotland). Mr L took some photos.

It's been such a lovely summer.

See these Australians who want the summer back? we thought. Well, they can't have it yet. It's ours.

We continued thinking this while eating cake in The Beach House.

Then from Sunday onwards: rain and a chilly wind. I'm wearing a cardigan for the first time in months.

Cassie the Cat is not amused.

(Thanks for the quilty advice, quilting experts. I also enjoyed the non-quilty comments.)


  1. it is hot (89.8 F and headed upwards) here today ... and there are no fluffy clouds ... lots and lots of clear blue sky, but not a hint of moisture anywhere ... i'll trade you an hour or two of blue sky for half an inch of rain...

  2. No, not me.......I'm not hanging out for summer, but will be glad to put away the winter clothes just the same. Today's forecast is for 18C and dry dry dry.

  3. Non-quilty here too! We have had the heat on for two days now, and although I brought my boys in from the garden at 8pm and sent the rest away because I was too grumpy for the noise, it was then dark by 9pm so I felt slightly assuaged! Warm and assuaged. Must be the end of the holidays!

  4. I don't mean to sound too grumpy about it but I don't feel that I have had a Summer yet...working in an office with darkened windows means that for 8 hours a day I I'm not sure what the weather is and the evenings seem to be so unpredictable..I even had my electric blanket on the other night! I am so ready for my week in the sun in September...and retirement!

  5. Love the pictures of that sky. Feels like autumn here. I was sweeping piles and piles of dead leaves yesterday.

  6. Awww, poor Cassie Cat. It seems too soon for fall, doesn't it? We've had your kind of weather here too -- yesterday it was drizzly and 64 degrees F when I went home from work -- 64! Unheard of for August unless it's dark outside.

  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I am wearing a fleece jacket, indoors, today. The sun is shining but the breeze is very cooling.

    We have had a wonderful summer though, I enjoyed it enormously.

  8. Fabulous you're having a great summer! For me, though, I'll take the highlands in the fall. I never go to the beach, even though I live on Long Island, unless it's wintertime. No people around, and you find the best shells then. I love it when the waves are wild and dashing, and I can watch them from the shore. As for Scotland, I love the fall - a dram and a plate of haggis, neeps and tatties goes down so well after a hike through the brisk air!