Friday, November 07, 2014

Falling leaves

Daughter 2 was here at the weekend and she and Grandson set up a button shop on the sitting room coffee table, first dividing them into colours and then adding some toning vehicles.

It's a good table. Mr L and I bought it for £4 in a junk yard when we were first married. It's very solid and can be turned upside down to make a boat. It may not be the most elegant table in the world but it's wonderfully unbreakable/unscratchable. Many small children have had snacks sitting at it. (Again, I apologise for the electric blue in the photo. It's not really that bright.)

Later, the two Ls - Daughter 2 and Granddaughter (not the same name) - sat and bonded on the sofa. The colour here is much more accurate.

High five.

The next day we went to the Botanics, which look lovely in any season,

 including autumn.

There are going to be a lot of leaves to sweep up.

Of course, you have to go to the cafe when you visit the Botanics. When the leaves are off the trees the view of the city skyline is revealed, though it would have been more revealed if I were taller or had stood on a chair. I love living somewhere with spires and domes and steeples and hills rather than tower blocks - though we have a few of those too, on the outskirts.

The trouble with having such very nice children is that they leave such a gap when they go. Maybe we should have had difficult ones; perhaps we would have been glad to see the back of them. Sigh.


  1. I remember playing with my mum's tin of buttons. Then we had a box of buttons our kids played with. There's something about buttons. Even now, I like sorting through them.

  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    What a lovely post, the pictures are charming. D2 looks lovely with her new hairstyle.

  3. It looks like DD2 is the very best sort of Aunt! And little L is growing into such a big girl -- she can high 5! It looks like you had a wonderful visit!

  4. I sympathize with the gap our children leave when they aren't home. I feel the empty spot quite strongly now as I wait for the next visit. Daughter 2's haircut is darling, as are the grandkids! Thanks, as always for sharing the smiles.