Saturday, November 29, 2014

This petty pace

Daughter 2 is here this weekend; and Son and Daughter 1 and the grandchildren visited, so that was nice.

Grandson was dressed as Superman, though I don't think that he has any idea who Superman is. (Though does anyone?)

The blog world is very quiet these days, or at least my part of it, which is a bit sad. Many of the bloggers whom I used to read tend now to post very seldom. Maybe they do Facebook instead. I also enjoy Facebook, though have never got into Twitter. I think I'm too long-winded for 140 characters; it's a mildly interesting challenge to say something so briefly, but "Having a sandwich after an exhausting session at Zumba; think I might watch Bargain Hunt now" - no, I don't think so. With a blog, you can expand a bit. In my schooldays when they gave out pen pals, I always persisted long after the others - but eventually gave up when my foreign partner had been silent for a few months. I suppose I shall blog on meanwhile.

I don't mind quite so much when people announce their decision to stop blogging; I don't like it, but at least you know where you are. It's when they suddenly disappear that it's disconcerting. You've been reading about their houses and gardens and children and biscuits and dogs and then - boof - gone. I look at my list of favourites and think that I should strong-mindedly delete most of them; but I still click on them from time to time, hoping faintly that they might have written something.

It's surprising how fast things change. I used not to post until my previous offering had at least 15 comments; now this hardly ever happens. Not that I have much to write about in my retired life, which is perfectly pleasant on a day-to-day basis but neither so interesting nor so amusing as my teaching life - though a lot more restful. It's not boring, though, or at least, not boring to me. There's lots to do and, alas, lots to worry about.

The other day Grandson tried out sarcasm. His little sister wandered into his game and he said, "Oh, well done, [Granddaughter]. You've knocked over my road signs."

I think she's slightly too young to understand this approach.


  1. I have noticed too that many bloggers are now silent......perhaps the first flush of excitement has passed, and keeping the blog updated has become a chore?

  2. I think you're right, some bloggers have migrated to Twitter or Instagram and the like though others do seem to successfully keep all the social media plates spinning. Writing blog posts takes a bit more time and effort but I much prefer reading them than someone's daily tweets and hashtags.

  3. I always worry when bloggers just disappear. I've just stopped because I was finding it a chore not a pleasure and had less opportunity to sit at a computer but I've told my readers - and I'm still reading other people's blogs. I don't do twitter or facebook so I'm rather disconnected now but still around.

  4. I'm not as much of a commenter as I used to be, and perhaps that should change. My corner or the blogging world is also more quiet. But I wonder if it's just this time of year. I'm hoping it is.
    I do agree with you about needing some announcement about a blogger's intention to stop, forever or just for a while. When this doesn't happen I'm left fearing the worst.
    And when someone stops blogging and also closes comments I feel terribly frustrated. They don't need to read the comments, but somehow it's almost an act of violence to silence people this way.
    I do facebook, too, and not twitter.

  5. If you should stop I would miss the children terribly, as well as the views about in Edinburgh. I visited there once and the botanical garden is really special. The children are the icing on the cake! I gave up posting to my blog when husband retired and is home talking incessantly while running the TV. I can't think, and am too old to stay up nights like I used to do. I admire bloggers who manage to keep going.

  6. I don't comment on people's blogs as much as I used to, either. I'm not so sure that anyone is interested in what I have to say.

    Superman, though: his birth identity is Kal-El, son of Jor-El, sent as a refugee from the planet Krypton as a baby before it was destroyed. Or, if you'd rather, the current actor playing him is called Henry Cavill.

    You didn't really need to know that.

  7. I feel really mean, as I've followed and enjoyed your blog for ages, but rarely (if ever?) leave a comment. I don't have a blog, but do belong to Blipfoto, so spend far too much time commenting on that. I'm sure there are lots more like me, so please don't feel disheartened and think you're writing to yourself!

  8. Ah yes, the sadness surrounding the drop off in blogging. I don't even like to think about it, but with you, I'm still hanging in there. Maybe you and I can dim the lights and close the doors when the time comes. (And even though you're retired, you always have something interesting to say!)

    I do enjoy instagram since I'm a visual person. I don't get twitter and I loathe facebook.

    And I Love that K has addressed the Superman issue. Oh My -- If Henry Cavill is playing him, I may have to become a fan!

  9. Anonymous4:02 pm

    At least Alice and Jee let us know that they were going to stop blogging, others simply faded away.

    I must admit to leaving fewer comments on other blogs in case I start to repeat myself or I can't think of a single thing to say.

    I do hope that you continue with your blog, like Barbee I enjoy progress reports on the children and your Botanic gardens. As well, I like your writing style, it is soothing.

  10. Please keep on blogging! I enjoy your wonderful life.

  11. You are one of my blog readers! I don't have many, but I appreciate those who do read it.

    I've only posted twice in the past 6 months, mainly out of laziness. It takes a lot of effort to upload photos and write something. I compose blog posts in my head, but I never get around to actually writing them. I keep hoping I'll get back to posting more regularly.

    I do use Instagram daily. I find it a fun way to keep in touch with online friends. I don't use Twitter, and Facebook is for real-life friends and family only.

    My theory to the decline in the blog is that as people migrated to mobile devices, it became difficult both to post and comment. I read blogs on my phone but loathe typing on my phone, so I have to wait until I'm at a real keyboard to reply. Unfortunately, I don't always get back to it.

    I enjoy your blog. Your grandchildren are precious, and you always have some witty remark to make about the ordinary things in life. Please keep blogging! I'll keep reading!

  12. I giggled when I read Grandson's comment to his sister! Aren't kids funny the way they pick up things from the adults in their lives!
    I felt guilty when I read your post about bloggers leaving in were responsible for me reinstating my blog! I was surprised how many people emailed or asked me why wasn't I blogging any more, and that they missed reading about what Ken and I doing. Mind you it wasn't dozens of people, more like half a dozen, but their opinions mean a lot to me, so I was happy to start blogging again, although I don't post as much as I used to, simply because of time constraints. I'm not remotely interested in Facebook or Twitter for much the same reason; I like to use my time more productively.

  13. I too like blogging because it gives more space for what you want to say. And it keeps your hand in, writing-wise. You made me laugh with the grandchild's sarcasm - I love it when they pick up those subtleties and start using them. They're so funny.

  14. I know I've been quiet, and in my mind I really plan to catch up, but the longer I leave it, the more complicated the catch up is!

  15. Well, I still enjoy reading your posts. Time is so full these days for me that I don't often comment. But I had a similar post about blogs recently - alot of my favorite knitters and quilters and sewists (when did that become a word - I would rather be a seamstress) - have gone to Instagram, which doesn't feel the same to me. A blog is like an invitation - whereas Instagram seems more like a private party. Time marches on....